The 2021 Baidu Create Conference (and Baidu AI Developer Conference) will be held from December 27th to 29th, 2021 in the metaverse space “Hee Rang” built by Baidu.

Metaverse is the hottest word in 2021. Relying on industry-leading AI, cloud computing and VR technologies, Baidu built Creator City, the first large-scale metaverse space based on Heeyang, and provided a solution for the same-screen experience and interaction on the scale of 100,000 people

Hee Ron: Based on technology, with the concept of openness, we will work together with customers, developers, and users to create a multi-person interactive virtual world with identity recognition, economic prosperity, transcending fantasy and reality, and permanent survival.

Some people have concluded that the Metaverse possesses six major cultures, including time-space switching, embodied cognition, experience replication, recovery from shortcomings, showing off abilities, and tribal affiliation.

This Baidu AI Developer Conference will involve AI security, cloud computing, smart city, Metaverse, smart transportation, smart map and other fields.

Conference agenda:

Articles integrated from Baidu VR, DONEWS

Reviewing editor: Huang Fei

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