With the development and commercialization of the Internet of Things, various industries have stimulated new application scenarios and market demands.

Internet of Vehicles, smart payment, smart logistics… A large wave of traditional industries has started the strategic transformation of AIoT.

However, due to the extremely scattered and lengthy characteristics of the current AIoT supply chain, even a simple value-added function requires a lot of R&D costs and time costs, which is particularly evident in LBS positioning value-added services.

Usually, a car networking or smart logistics manufacturing enterprise needs to choose a cloud service provider, module supplier and positioning service provider, and then invest in research and development by itself to connect the cloud, module end, location acquisition end and other parties, and carry out the post-production by itself Operation and maintenance and other work, this is a very big challenge for an enterprise.

In response to these problems, the global agile AIoT platform Ayla, based on its 23 years of module industry experience and 11 years of cloud platform industry experience, launched the module empowerment platform “Yunxiao” to provide a one-stop shop for module and hardware manufacturers The LBS positioning service solution improves the efficiency of customer equipment intelligence, reduces the user’s development and operation cost, and facilitates business development.

– LBS location service advantages

Because of its low power consumption, low dependence on the network, fast positioning speed, and low cost, LBS is widely used in fields such as logistics and transportation, cars, surveying, mapping, and commercial advertising.

Because the positioning principle mainly depends on the number of surrounding base stations, the denser the base stations, the more accurate the positioning. Large cities with well-established communication base stations have become the main battlefields for LBS positioning, especially in cloudy, indoor and underground places with poor satellite signals. The usage rate of LBS positioning even exceeds that of GPS positioning.

– One-stop LBS positioning solution

LBS is a base station location service. It quickly locates the location information (latitude and longitude coordinates) of the terminal device according to the signal strength and base station location by receiving one or more base station signals/Wi-Fi signals of the operator.

For the communication module connected to the Ayla cloud platform, it can provide global IoT positioning services, users do not need additional hardware support and embedded development, 0 cycle, 0 cost, only need to obtain the IMEI number of the device, register and log in on the platform, After associating the module and purchasing the paid service, you can obtain the real-time location of the device and query the historical track. Currently, it can support the positioning of 3G/4G/5G modules.

– LBS positioning usage scenarios of Yunxiao platform

Considering factors such as cost, power consumption, business needs, etc., most users who need digital and intelligent management and control of on-board equipment, logistics and transportation, payment and settlement, LBS positioning and route query are a basic requirement to realize the long-term, Stable and safe visual management to confirm whether the smart device is in the target area.

Use the communication module connected to the Yunxiao platform to monitor regularly through real-time positioning. If there is a position deviation, the system will automatically perform a position query and immediately send an early warning to the background. At the same time, by querying the historical path of the equipment in the later stage, and then supervising the moving distance and transportation cost of the equipment, it can be widely used in POS machine positioning, logistics transportation, electronic fence and other scenarios.

– Summary

With the clear upstream and downstream links of the Internet of Things, module manufacturers have deployed in the field of cloud platforms, or carried out in-depth cooperation with cloud platform companies to achieve intelligent and digital-intelligence upgrades.

The Yunxiao platform has the ability to provide customers with highly secure and reliable device connection and communication capabilities, assist customers to connect massive devices to the cloud, and provide a one-stop solution for the Internet of Things of “terminal + connection + platform + application”, providing convenient and reliable. device management service.

In addition to LBS positioning services, Ayla Cloud platform also has full-stack service capabilities such as OTA upgrades and traffic management services. Customers can use the Cloud Cloud platform to obtain the powerful cloud service capabilities of Ayla Cloud, one of the world’s top 5 cloud platforms, and expand PCBA downward. Ecology and other hardware form a strong brand moat, enabling smart transportation, security sensing, smart payment, smart travel, smart industry and other fields.

Reviewing Editor: Fu Ganjiang

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