From September 23 to September 25, 2021, the “2021 Third China E-Government Security Conference” hosted by the China Information Association and hosted by the Information Observation Network, the China Information Association Media Center, and the Guorun Internet Information Technology Research Institute was grand hold!

This conference brings together the forces of government, industry, academia, research and enterprises to analyze and discuss the needs and problems of data security, openness, and sharing in government departments and large and medium-sized enterprises based on the actual situation in China and international mature experience. Develop a data security governance approach that can be implemented and used for reference.

Guangdong Yingshi Technology Computer Co., Ltd. launched this year

CACTER Email Security Gateway was awarded

“2021 Email Security Excellent Product Award”

The advent of the email security gateway product is a targeted solution product launched by Coremail in the face of increasingly serious email threats in recent years.

This is an inevitable requirement to solve the hidden dangers in the secure storage and access of massive data in the era of digital economy, and it is also in line with the trend of data security and data governance.

With the formal implementation of the “Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China”, “Regulations on the Security Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure” and the upcoming “Data Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other laws and regulations, Coremail has joined hands with various network security vendors to jointly establish a good The network security environment allows network security and data governance to have laws to follow, which can better escort the security, governance and sharing of government data.

CACTER Email Security Gateway adopts a two-layer management mechanism of intelligent identification filtering + manual rule control to efficiently defend against spam, phishing, and malware emails.

At the same time, it provides DDos attack protection, effectively resists various malicious email intrusions, prevents the email system from being affected by external malicious attacks, and provides powerful email security protection for enterprises.

Email Security Gateway Protection Capability

1. Analysis of letter sending behavior

Emails are analyzed at the first stage of entering the system, including

DDos attack protection

Communication relationship analysis

DNS Authentication Service

Sending IP/Domain Name Reputation Analysis

Email structure analysis

Analysis of sending behavior based on big data

2. Malicious URL detection

The administrator can turn on the link protection function to protect the link of each email sent to the email system

The first filtering + the second detection and protection, the combination of pre-blocking, in-event reminder, and post-event retrospective, escorts the mail security of the mail system

3. Content feature detection

CACTER Email Security Gateway has the largest email security data center in the country. Based on hundreds of millions of malicious email samples, it collects malicious email data by deploying millions of probe mailboxes, updates email detection engine rules in real time, and provides customers with the latest email protection.

4. Attachment detection

virus engine killing

By cooperating with well-known anti-virus manufacturers in China, it can scan and kill the attachments of emails. At the same time, the virus database supports intelligent automatic upgrade.

Self-developed malicious executable file detection

Compile the file, analyze the abnormal code and other characteristics contained in it, and compare it with the cloud malware characteristics to determine the security of the file.

Product deployment

The email security gateway is deployed in front of the email system to identify and block all kinds of malicious emails, and provide independent security protection for the email system without affecting the normal operation of the email system.

The CACTER email security gateway supports three deployment methods of software/hardware/cloud service, which does not affect the normal operation of the email system and provides independent and secure protection for the email system.

Support third-party mailbox self-built systems, such as Exchange, domino, etc.

This award represents Coremail’s leading level and high recognition in the field of email security. Coremail has been deeply involved in the field of email for more than 20 years. It has a large number of successful implementation cases in party and government agencies, education, finance, and top 500 enterprises. The end users of the email system exceed 1 billion, and there is a lot of experience in the protection of email security!

Learn more, try it for free, all on the official Coremail email security website.

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