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At present, 5G technology has become a new engine leading the high-quality development of my country’s communication industry. As a key part of 5G equipment, connectors are gradually developing towards miniaturization, high reliability and easy operation. To this end, AVIC Optoelectronics has launched a highly reliable quick-install fiber optic connector.


Quick disassembly and assembly, with push-pull quick locking structure, connector disassembly and assembly can be completed in one step, compared with conventional optical fiber connectors, the installation time can be saved by about 50%, which improves the convenience of operation;

High compatibility, with floating structure, can be compatible with a variety of optical module positions, strong compatibility;

Miniaturized, the connector is small in size, and occupies a small installation space.

The quick-install optical fiber connector adopts the quick-locking structure and floating structure with independent intellectual property rights, which can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and the operation is simple, providing users with a better experience. Original title: New product release | High reliability and quick installation of optical fiber connectors help 5G set sail

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