When driving, even with map navigation, many people may recognize the wrong intersection on the overpass, miss the ramp on the highway, or not know when to merge.

For those who “can’t read” 2D electronic maps, the emergence of AR navigation may be a boon.

A few days ago, according to official news, AutoNavi Maps released a new version v10.65, launched the iPhone version of AR driving navigation, and supports iPhone 8 Plus and above models.

With the help of intelligent image recognition technology, professional traffic big data and lane-level navigation engine, AutoNavi AR Navigation can directly present intuitive 3D navigation guidance in real-time in the real road pictures, which greatly reduces the driver’s perception of traditional 2D electronic maps. The cost of reading pictures can help users make action decisions faster and more accurately in various key scenarios such as steering, fork in the road, and changing lanes.

Taking the merging problem often faced by novice drivers as an example, AutoNavi AR Navigation will intelligently give lane-changing and merging reminders at the right time based on dynamic and static data such as navigation planning, current positioning, vehicle speed, road conditions, and image recognition of lanes. , the user can follow the arrow to drive under the premise of ensuring safety.

In addition, AutoNavi AR Navigation can also perform intelligent image recognition on the surrounding environment such as passing vehicles, pedestrians, lane lines, traffic signs, traffic lights, etc., to provide drivers with forward vehicle distance monitoring, collision warning, pedestrian warning, lane departure warning, A series of driving safety aids such as the reminder of the vehicle ahead and the reminder of traffic lights.

At present, AutoNavi AR navigation has supported iPhone 8 Plus and above Apple models and some high-end Android phones.

After updating the AutoNavi map to the latest version, users only need a mobile phone and a horizontal screen stand to experience AR real-world navigation.

According to reports, AutoNavi is also planning to link mobile phones, driving recorders, car central control platforms, Apple CarPlay and even HUD head-up display in the near future to better coordinate real-time shooting, AR screen display, and computing platforms.
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