On April 18, the automotive industry caused an uproar. The global automotive chip giant ansemi moved its global distribution business in Shanghai to Singapore.

On April 18, a letter from ansemi, an American chip manufacturer, said that the Shanghai Distribution Center, one of its four distribution centers in Asia, would be partially relocated to Singapore, and China’s global distribution center would be closed. The main reason is that the epidemic has affected the world supply chain in part. The letter also mentioned that “at present, our status has not changed”, and the factory has not received any notice about the time of unsealing and the solution. Therefore, the company has transferred its product resources to the industrial centers in Singapore and Manila.

Ansenmey ONSEMI, formerly the semiconductor division of Motorola group, is one of the top 20 automotive chip manufacturers in the world. It was listed independently in 1999. The company is mainly engaged in a series of businesses in the fields of automobile, communication, medical treatment, aerospace and so on. According to pitchbook data, ansenmey ONSEMI is the world’s second largest supplier of discrete transistors, and it is also an important integrated power chip factory.

In 2021, in order to better reflect its broad technology portfolio, differentiated product line and market leadership, ansenmey semiconductor was renamed ansenmey. The NASDAQ listed company’s customers include automobile manufacturers such as Audi, general motors and Ford, and is the main supplier.

Shanghai is a major semiconductor, automotive and pharmaceutical industry base in the world. In late March, Shanghai began to implement static management. At present, due to the impact of the epidemic blockade and other situations, the world technology supply chain has been shaken. Among them, apple is also one of the companies affected by fluctuations.

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