Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) reported that the agency cooperated with the country’s agricultural technology company goanna AG to develop an irrigation water-saving system WaterWise that can intelligently predict the water demand of crops in the next 7 days. It is understood that the system can use sensors and related analysis technology to maximize the utilization of irrigation water. Let’s have a look!

Australia has developed a new agricultural sensor to predict crop water consumption·

In the local tomato field, Dr. rose Brodrick of CSIRO installed the WaterWise prototype sensor. Figure from CSIRO official website

It is reported that the WaterWise system can measure the water pressure of crops and predict the future water consumption in real time, so as to comprehensively measure the water shortage of plants. The system “makes plants talk” by installing sensors in fields developed by agricultural sensing system developers.

Australia has developed a new agricultural sensor to predict crop water consumption

Specifically, the sensor can measure the crop canopy temperature every 15 minutes, combined with the collected data and weather forecast and other information, and use the machine learning algorithm to comprehensively predict the crop water demand in the next 7 days, so as to help growers improve water efficiency.

Australia has developed a new agricultural sensor to predict crop water consumption

Screenshot of sensor monitoring data on mobile phone, from CSIRO official website

Ross Broderick, head of the team developing the system, said that using the principle of sensor monitoring, if you simply understand it, like humans, plants have the best temperature. Under normal circumstances, it is easy to predict when a plant needs water under normal circumstances, but when conditions change, such as abnormal high temperature or cold weather, farmers need decision-making assistance. In the past, the usual practice was “add water if you are not sure”. Now this system can help farmers accurately irrigate and save water, because every drop of water is very important.

It is reported that at present, researchers are continuing to improve the “water intelligence” system, plan to add UAV and satellite technology based on sensors, and look forward to the market of the system as soon as possible.

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