The ristretto bin micro module is designed for extremely low power applications where battery life is critical.

July 6, 2021 – Beijing, China

Internet of things (IOT) innovator of ultra-low power wireless technology atmosic ™ Technologies and globalscale technologies, a leading provider of Internet of things solutions, today announced the launch of the industry’s lowest power consumption Bluetooth low-power module risrettobin. The module adopts the Bluetooth Le 5.0 RF of atmosic. The transmitted signal current is only 2.4Ma, the signal sensitivity is 0dbm, and the received signal current is less than 1mA. Compared with the low-power Bluetooth Le products designed by competitors for battery based products, the power consumption is reduced by 3 to 5 times.

Srinivas pattamatta, vice president of marketing and business development of atmosic, said: “the newly launched module can help release the full potential of the Internet of things and provide ultra-low power wireless connection for energy critical applications. With atmosic’s unmatched power efficiency, ristretttobin module will significantly prolong the battery life of Internet of things devices and reduce maintenance costs and time.”

In addition to the low-power Bluetooth Le RF, atm2202 chip also includes a specially designed ultra-low power consumption (150nA) wake-up receiver. The chip can work normally even if the rest is in low-power sleep mode. Unlike the classic Bluetooth Le RF that continuously uses energy transmission beacons, atm2202 chip can always maintain a low-power sleep mode until it receives the encoded information of a specific chip from other Bluetooth RF.

Bryan Cheng, vice president of sales and marketing of globalscale, said, “the ristretto bin module is a milestone product in the Internet of things industry, which can achieve ultra-low power consumption in a super compact design. In addition, the module also provides a variety of I / O interfaces and tools, including an at command software package and software development kit (SDK) , it can add flexibility to the manufacturer’s design, so as to customize modules for different types of applications and use cases. “

Ristretto bin module also provides an easy-to-use at command software package and a comprehensive software development kit for wireless application development. Atmosic also provides software reference design libraries for a variety of battery based IOT applications, such as contact tracking, wireless keyboard, cold chain tracking and electronic shelf labels.

From now on, the ristretto bin module of globalscale is available at team Paragon Corp and top electronics.

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