Primax Electronics Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of advanced man-machine interface equipment, recently announced that it has adopted atomic technologies atm2 series Bluetooth 5-on-chip systems (SOCS) in its innovative ultra-low power wireless tablet keyboard TKB series product line. TKB series products have built-in wireless charging technology, waterproof / dustproof and chemical corrosion resistant design, and support “full body washing” – can be cleaned with soapy water or disinfectant to reduce various germs. In addition, in order to support environmental protection, these keyboard products do not apply any unnecessary coating or printing process.

Atmosic solutions use the company’s innovative ultra-low power RF and RF wake-up technology to bring the lowest possible energy consumption for low-power Bluetooth (ble) applications. Atmosic’s portfolio also includes the atM3 series integrated with controlled energy collection technology, which can extend battery life and even make the equipment run without any battery. By reducing the number of batteries that may eventually enter the landfill, atM3 series products bring tangible benefits to consumers and the environment. Atmosic’s controlled energy collection technology supports the acquisition of energy from a variety of sources, such as environmental photovoltaic (light), radio frequency (RF), thermal energy and mechanical (motion) energy.

Gril Tsai, senior manager of Zhishen technology, said: “atmosic’s ultra-low power solution, combined with its unique energy collection technology, helps to reduce or eliminate many human-machine interface devices (HID) of our company Dependence on batteries. The cooperation between the two sides can not only enhance our contribution to environmental protection, but also reduce the number of batteries in our bill of materials and the weight of batteries that account for a large proportion of product transportation, so as to help save costs. “

Srinivas pattamatta, vice president of marketing and business development at atmosic, said: “By working with electronics manufacturers such as Zhishen technology, we can help reduce the industry’s dependence on batteries used in various consumer and industrial applications. With RF wake-up and ultra-low power RF technology, atmosic’s atm2 series products have unparalleled ultra-low power consumption. Together with the controlled energy collection function we provide in atM3 series, these technologies will create A new generation of HMI devices with longer battery life – even without batteries in some cases. “

Zhishen technology and atmosic will show advanced keyboard design examples for desktop and tablet computers at CES 2022 exhibition in Las Vegas from January 5 to 9, 2022.

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