Universal electronics, the industry-leading advanced remote control and sensing OEM, will use atmosic’s energy collection technology to help eliminate the dependence of entertainment control and smart home applications on batteries.

October 12, 2021 – Beijing, China

Atmospheric technologies, the innovator of ultra-low power wireless technology of the Internet of things (IOT), announced today that the company is cooperating with Universal Electronics Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “UEI”, NASDAQ Stock Code: ueic), the global leader of wireless general control solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices, Jointly develop a series of ultra-low power remote controls and smart home products that can collect energy from indoor environmental light sources.

David Su, chief executive of atmosic, said: “Atmosic is proud to provide ultra-low power wireless solutions for Internet of things devices, help solve the increasingly serious battery waste, and bring a better experience to consumers through battery replacement free. Atmosic’s low-power energy collection solutions, combined with UEI’s expertise and leadership in the entertainment control and smart home markets, will be introduced to the market so far The most energy-efficient remote control so far. “

Atmosic’s innovative solution relies on its Bluetooth 5 wireless platform’s ultra-low power RF technology. Compared with the best competitors, the power consumption is only one quarter of the latter. Some on-chip systems (SOC) of atmosic also integrate controlled energy collection technology, which can obtain energy from a variety of environmental light sources, such as photovoltaic (PV) energy from indoor and outdoor lighting and radio waves. This combination of ultra-low power Bluetooth (LE) RF technology and controlled energy collection technology can greatly prolong the battery life, so that the equipment does not need to replace the battery in the whole service life. Atmosic’s technology can even completely eliminate the demand for batteries, which can help reduce the use of billions of batteries in the next few years and avoid the resulting bad environmental pollution.

Arsham hatambeiki, senior vice president of UEI products and technology, said: “As a leading technology platform in the field of entertainment control, we have the responsibility to help the industry transform to a more sustainable future, reduce the use of billions of batteries in the life cycle of the next generation products, reduce maintenance costs and bring new experiences. We look forward to working with atmosic to improve the current and next-generation solutions in our product lineup, in ultra-low power voice Entertainment control and smart home platform bring unprecedented innovative experience to customers. “

Atmosic SOC combines ultra-low power Bluetooth Technology (LE) and integrated power management unit (PMU), which can be directly connected with energy collection elements such as photovoltaic cells and radio frequency (RF) antennas. Integrated PMU brings many advantages, for example, because it does not need to be matched with a separate energy collection chip, it can reduce the bill of materials (BOM) cost and improve the efficiency of the collected energy. Another advantage of this low power consumption and high integration design is that the remote controller can use smaller photovoltaic cells to further reduce the cost and occupied area of photovoltaic cells. In addition to using photovoltaic energy sources, atmosic’s energy collection solution also supports Internet of things devices to use the collected RF energy for remote control operation, and store the energy for future use.

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