As the unification of inheritance and development of classic message service, 5g message standard construction, testing and verification, application development, terminal supporting, etc. are in orderly progress. According to the “5g message white paper” jointly released by 11 partners of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom on April 8 this year, the three major operators plan to realize the commercialization of 5g message in 2020. Recently, during the 2020 China Mobile global partners conference, the 5g information industry has gone further.

Many mobile phones support 5g messages

5g message needs to be implemented based on the terminal capability, and the terminal upgrade needs a process. Previously, China Mobile proposed a solution to achieve full terminal coverage through “SMS applet”. Users can achieve full coverage including IOS terminals through SMS + H5 program. With one more click, you can achieve a completely consistent experience with native 5g messages.

According to all media reporters in the communication world, during the 2020 China Mobile Global Partner Conference, China Mobile launched a short message app, which can reach a full number of terminals and be available to a full number of users, even if it is not a 5g terminal. 5g terminal uses 5g message, ordinary terminal uses SMS applet.

The effect of this scheme is remarkable. During the epidemic prevention and control period, 2438 government and community units were effectively supported by SMS. It is understood that China Mobile has completed bill upgrading in 11 provinces, covering about 300 million users. Compared with the original SMS bill link conversion rate, it has increased four times.

\At present, a number of mobile phones have supported 5g messages

At present, the mobile phones of Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Samsung and other brands have passed the function test of 5g message. Among them, a number of Xiaomi’s mobile phones have supported Chinese mobile users to use 5g message. Huawei will also upgrade the 5g message function of China mobile user’s version of the current network by the end of November, while the iPhone has no relevant progress disclosure.

ZTE demonstrated the world’s first 5g information platform jointly built with China Mobile at the conference. ZTE said that the company has long adhered to 5g message innovation and research and development, and has carried out comprehensive cooperation with three domestic operators to assist operators in building 5g message platform.

Three operators have “action”

Although the industrial ecology of 5g news has been initially formed, in order to quickly expand the scale of 5g news industry and seize the opportunity of 5g development, it still needs the industry chain to cooperate with each other, establish a win-win cooperation mode, and promote the prosperity of 5g news industry.

From the perspective of operators, 5g message is an industry channel and innovation platform for operators’ aicde capabilities to fully empower all walks of life. At present, the three operators have reached a consensus to jointly promote the rapid development of 5g message with “unified technical standards”, “unified business presentation” and “unified functional experience” as the core.

On November 20, China Mobile held a forum on product innovation, opening up and cooperation in Guangzhou, where it released a number of new products and launched a number of new cooperation policies. At the forum, Hong Xiaoqin, general manager of China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd., displayed three major entrance products, featured applications and color cloud, including mobile authentication, super SIM and 5g news, and released a series of cooperation policies.

Hong Xiaoqin said that in order to speed up the construction of 5g message new ecology and promote the implementation of 5g industry message application, CMCC Internet will hold 5g message application development competition, and the contestants will give priority to become China Mobile 5g message partners. China Mobile Internet will provide application developers with support for encapsulation, authentication, security, big data and other capabilities, and use China mobile channels to carry out joint publicity.

On the same day, China Telecom and China Unicom issued a joint recruitment announcement for 5g message partners (CSPs). The announcement is to speed up the construction of 5g message ecology and the commercial preparation process of 5g message service. After negotiation between China Telecom and China Unicom, they are now jointly recruiting CSPs. We sincerely invite those who are interested in developing 5g message service market, honest and compliant operation, and have strong technical foundation and business ability Partners actively participate.

The level of harassment will be greatly reduced

However, although the industry is optimistic about 5g news, believing that it is a revolutionary upgrade of traditional SMS business and also contains an important opportunity for the evolution and iteration of information service mode, on the network platform, the reporter found that many netizens left a message on the news interface related to 5g news: “it seems that harassment SMS has a new way to play.”.

It can be seen that although 5g message has a bright future, it also faces a series of challenges such as security supervision and users’ bad impression on spam messages. Earlier, on October 14, many experts also discussed this topic at the “5g news Ecological Development Forum” sponsored by all media of communication world and ZTE and supported by Xiaoyuan technology.

Du Chengxin, general manager of 5g message operation Department of China Telecom Value-added center, believes that in the 5g message era, users’ active access to interaction and service push upgrade will greatly reduce the degree of spam SMS harassment.

Jiang Jun, CTO of Xiaoyuan technology, from the perspective of practical operation, thinks that supervision can be carried out from two aspects of safety audit and construction of operation score management.

Tu Jiashun, ZTE’s chief spokesman, suggested that government agencies use the real name authentication mechanism to ensure the credibility, reliability, manageability and controllability of 5g messages.

In fact, 5g message not only realizes the rich media of SMS, but also realizes the Internet of SMS, that is to say, it realizes “message as service”. “The message is an Internet application (lightweight) that does not need to be downloaded. At the same time, 5g messages must be sent by mobile phone number, so it is natural to use” mobile phone number “as a unified account (account enabling). Through account enabling, different message applications can achieve interoperability, or even mutual enabling. For example, the super large attachments sent by our 139 mailbox message application can be directly forwarded to the 5g message application of hecaiyun to realize the storage and sharing on the cloud disk. “Said Wu Huazhi, deputy general manager of integrated communication division of China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd.

In the channel of message service, the security credit empowerment at the operator level can be used, and the value-added ability of the operator can also be used to give full play to the strong touch of message, so as to achieve accurate touch of thousands of people.

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