At CES 2020, AMD’s products are the most attractive, and they will be on the market soon, without playing tricks. Among the new products of AMD, the 7 nm zen2 architecture of the sharp dragon 4000 series notebook processor is the most important. In order to win over VIP customers like ASUS, amd has given ASUS a privilege — the exclusive supply of the 7 4800hs processor for half a year.

We have also introduced the sharp dragon 4000 series notebook processor released by AMD. There are two high-performance processors in H version, VIRON 7 4800h and Ruilong 54600h, which are 8C / 16t and 6C / 12t respectively. The TDP is 45W. The benchmark is Intel’s core H series standard pressure processor.

ASUS will open high-end notebook and game book market in half a year

The 8-core 16 thread processor is suitable for high-end game books, and Asus has indeed launched Zephyrus G15 game book. AMD processor is used in high-end products for the first time. However, they use the model of Ruilong 7 4800hs. When it was exposed yesterday, I was still wondering what 4800hs is. Now the answer has been revealed.

The sharp dragon 7 4800hs processor is a variant of the sharp dragon 7 4800h. S is likely to represent a special customization, because the sharp dragon 7 4800hs processor of Zephyrus G15 game book is 35W TDP, not 45W, which means its frequency should be slightly lower, but it has little impact on the overall performance.

According to the latest news, the Ruilong 7 4800hs processor is exclusively owned by ASUS and has a six-month exclusive period. The fundamental reason why amd treats ASUS so much is that it needs No.1 brands like ASUS to help them open the market of high-end notebook and game book. After all, Intel is too powerful in this field. 70% of the revenue of the latter’s consumer grade CPU comes from the notebook market, which is the base camp. It is not easy to attract first-line manufacturers such as ASUS.

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