It was first released at asus’s 30th anniversary press conference during the 2019 Taipei Computer Show. It was launched quickly in less than 3 months. This fashionable and stylish multi-functional touch portable display is really exciting. It has attracted the attention of a large number of digital enthusiasts and business people. With its comprehensive performance and fashionable appearance, it can play a great role in business, games, video entertainment and other fields.

ASUS mb16amt touch portable display has extremely high color value, 15.6-inch screen and narrow frame design on three sides. Equipped with 178 ° wide viewing angle IPS panel with Fullhd resolution, there is no doubt about the display performance. The back of the display adopts pure aluminum CNC integrated design, and the appearance of metal concentric drawing process presents a fashionable and avant-garde temperament.

Of course, as a portable display, mb16amt has made great efforts in its lightweight characteristics. The overall weight is less than 900g, and the thinnest part is only 9mm. It is enough to realize the lightness and portability of mb16amt from the text description alone. It is reported that this portable display also comes with a high-quality intelligent protective cover, which can not only support the display, but also facilitate users to carry out, and can enjoy the display experience of vision expansion anytime and anywhere.

ASUS releases the first touch portable display mb16amt

The biggest feature of ASUS mb16amt touch portable display is the addition of 10-point multi touch technology. Users can easily click, slide, expand, zoom and other touch gestures on the display, so as to achieve more use purposes, such as video editing, enlarged pictures, beauty P-pictures, and various operations can be achieved at one touch.

In addition, mb16amt also provides multi touch solutions and has a dedicated zenscreen touch app. Users need to download it on the official website. This exclusive app can remap the touch input of the mobile phone. Using its handy touch function, it can transfer the control buttons from the mobile phone to the virtual keys on the screen, which not only ensures the stability of model transmission, but also provides great convenience for users’ operation.

In terms of compatibility, ASUS mb16amt can be perfectly connected to multiple terminals such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, personal PCs, game consoles and cameras, so as to achieve true multi screen display and fully improve work efficiency. That’s because mb16amt has a variety of interface designs. It is equipped with usb-c and micro HDMI interfaces, as well as usb-c to usb-a and micro HDMI to HDMI interfaces. In addition, it also adopts the usb-c mixed signal solution (DP alt mode + USB 3.0), which can transmit video and power simultaneously with a reversible usb-c wire.

As we all know, Asus has very strong strength in innovation, and the black technology carried in its products is also very considerate and prepared. ASUS mb16amt is equipped with a 7800mah battery, which can be used continuously for up to 4 hours without connecting to the power supply. At the same time, it also supports qc3.0 fast charging technology, which can be filled in as little as 2 hours. As asus’s portable display product, mb16amt is also equipped with eye technology with low blue light and non flashing screen. At the same time, it has also passed the German Rhine TV certification, which can ensure users’ comfortable viewing experience.

It has to be said that ASUS mb16amt touch portable display is definitely a representative of beauty and material. The appearance is fashionable and avant-garde, and the kernel can provide convenient and efficient work. At the same time, it is also an essential artifact for mobile game players. The innovative addition of touch technology also makes this portable display more functional and provides a high-quality experience of office and entertainment.

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