ASUS LCD screen sales were successful, setting the first place in the Japanese market. According to the latest statistics from Japan's authoritative IT media BCN, the company's LCD screen shipments are strong in the local market, ahead of its competitors, and it jumped to the top of sales in the third quarter, with an increase of more than 240% over the same period last year.

The business opportunities of the home economy are not diminished. Recently, ASUS has launched new products for e-sports, such as the Strix Scope RX, ROG's original optical red-axis keyboard, which improves the traditional mechanical buttons through the "RX red-axis" special hollow square rod and 4 corner bolts. The X-shaped stabilizer is used to ensure the balance of the key pressure, and the infrared trigger can be activated at a touch point of 1.5mm, achieving 1ms instantaneous feedback, and achieving precise keystrokes with nearly zero delay.

In terms of e-sports screens, ASUS is also actively deploying. For example, the ROG Swift PG329Q gaming screen was also launched at the Meta Buffs online conference before. It has Fast IPS panel technology. The liquid crystal rotation speed in the screen is up to 4 times faster than that of the traditional IPS panel. The picture is clear and the motion blur problem is solved.

ASUS has also launched a number of popular products in the Japanese market, including a 24.5/27-inch gaming screen with a fast response time of 0.5ms and an ultra-high 165Hz refresh rate, a built-in exclusive "Eye Care" eye protection technology series, and a portable The screens are highly recognized by consumers and continue to accumulate brand popularity.

ASUS said that this year, it will benefit from the increase in the demand for home office, distance learning and online games, which will drive the overall performance. Not only has it ranked first in the BCN sales rankings for four consecutive months, but the annual growth of shipments in the first three quarters has exceeded 100%. It is expected to continue. As ROG Republic of Gamers teamed up with NVIDIA to launch the world's first ROG Swift PG259QN with a 360Hz ultra-high refresh rate and a variety of cost-effective gaming screens, portable screens and other topical new products, the goal is to win the 2020 sales champion again.

In addition, in terms of PCs, ASUS previously announced that its overall shipments in the third quarter increased by 45% year-on-year, significantly better than the industry, and promoted the company's brand revenue in the third quarter to grow to NT$118.6 billion, a quarterly growth rate of 41%, with an annual growth rate of 38%, of which the annual growth rate of e-sports product shipments and revenue both exceeded 80%.
ASUS said that in addition to taking the top spot in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, the company's shipments jumped significantly in the third quarter. Taking the U.S. market as an example, the annual growth rate of consumer, commercial and gaming computer shipments all exceeded 100%, showing significant growth momentum.
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