As a high-tech, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a very important role in the medical and health field, especially in the fight against the epidemic of COVID-19 (covid-19). As Professor Zhou Haizhong, a famous scholar in China, once pointed out: “with the development of society and the progress of science and technology, artificial intelligence technology will play a great role in the field of medical and health care.”

COVID-19 is a global pandemic with the widest impact on human beings in the past century. It is a serious crisis and severe test for the world. Faced with the previously unknown, sudden and violent natural disasters of the epidemic, many researchers have applied many technical means to fight the epidemic; Among them, artificial intelligence technology has played a very important role and has become the most powerful weapon in the battle of epidemic prevention and anti epidemic.

For example, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology recently developed a machine learning algorithm that can predict which mutant strains pose the greatest threat to the newly developed vaccine in the world. Many tools based on artificial intelligence technology are helpful to the early research and development of COVID-19 vaccine. For example, artificial intelligence technology helps researchers determine which parts of the virus genetic code are most likely to mutate and how some mutations affect its physical structure. The new machine learning algorithm extends the function of artificial intelligence technology by applying it to virus escape, so that we can keep up with the mutation speed of novel coronavirus. In addition, the researchers of Icahn Medical College in Mount Sinai recently used artificial intelligence algorithm to combine the chest CT scanning results with clinical symptoms, exposure history and laboratory tests to quickly diagnose the positive patients with COVID-19. They said the accuracy of the new AI system was comparable to that of senior chest radiologists when CT scans and related medical histories were available.

For another example, the scientific research team of Huazhong University of science and technology recently developed a new technology that can identify COVID-19 through “auscultation” through the combination of clinical data and artificial intelligence technology. At present, the diagnosis of COVID-19 mainly depends on chest CT and laboratory examination. In contrast, auscultation commonly used in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases has the advantages of noninvasive, rapid and real-time. This study provides a scientific basis for the artificial intelligence diagnosis system of cardiopulmonary auscultation. At the same time, it is also helpful for real-time diagnosis, disease observation and early intervention of COVID-19. In addition, Alibaba cloud technology company provides free AI diagnosis technology for COVID-19 to hospitals around the world; This technology can assist doctors to analyze CT images, quickly identify the part and proportion of lesions within 20 seconds, and quantify the severity of cases, with an accuracy of more than 96%. The company said that the artificial intelligence diagnosis technology can help greatly save medical resources in areas with serious COVID-19.

For another example, the University of Cambridge recently claimed that a scientific research team of the university is accelerating the development of COVID-19 vaccine with the help of artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and other technologies. According to Professor Jonathan sheeney, who led the team, they will soon use the vaccine in clinical trials. “At present, the mice in the experiment have an immune response to the vaccine,” he said Oxford University, Imperial College of technology and other universities have profound accumulation in the field of artificial intelligence. The scientific research teams of these universities also express that they are speeding up the development of COVID-19 vaccine with the help of artificial intelligence technology. In addition, Imperial College of technology used artificial intelligence technology to design a ventilator called jamvent; This instrument can perform the key functions of ICU ventilator for the treatment of patients with COVID-19, and is expected to play an important role in the fight against novel coronavirus and the “epidemic” to help the world better cope with the COVID-19 epidemic.

It can be seen from the above examples that with the help of artificial intelligence technology, the fight against the COVID-19 will become safer, more efficient and faster. We can fully believe that with the efforts of the majority of scientific researchers and the help of artificial intelligence technology, the COVID-19 will end and a better future will begin.

Wen / Feng Zhen (author: School of medical science and engineering, Tianjin University)

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