Artificial intelligence will deeply cultivate the industry and bring great value to the industry. In 2020, Tencent put forward the slogan of “taking root in the consumer Internet and embracing the strategic upgrading of industrial Internet” to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of artificial intelligence era. In the past few years, Tencent has invested in a number of start-up enterprises in Shanghai, some of which have become indispensable ecological partners of Tencent. Next, Tencent decided to put more business into Shanghai.

“This year, the 2020 cloud summit broke through the face-to-face constraints and turned the world into a venue for us to participate in online. Artificial intelligence itself is a cross-border, interdisciplinary scientific exploration project. It is pushing human cognition to the starting point of “faster, higher and stronger”, and is bound to bring us an unprecedented technological and industrial revolution. At present, we still know more about new technologies such as artificial intelligence. Therefore, Tencent has incorporated “technology for the good” into its mission and vision: we are researching and applying new technologies every day, and in the final analysis, we are responsible for every user. If we want to achieve the goal of “artificial intelligence for good”, we must strive to make it “knowable, controllable, usable and reliable”. This is a common issue facing the whole world. As a frontier window of China’s reform and opening up, Shanghai provides a platform for cooperation and exchange to solve “world-class” problems. In 2019, Shanghai municipal Party committee secretary Li Qiang visited our offline science and technology carnival. In 2020, we will bring you the display of artificial intelligence technology online. Next, Tencent’s East China headquarters will further take root in Shanghai and become one of the builders of Shanghai’s artificial intelligence highland. We will speed up the investment in new infrastructure construction, work with Shanghai to cultivate new opportunities in the crisis, open up a new situation in the face of changes, and inject new momentum into the integration development of Shanghai and even the Yangtze River Delta. ” Tencent board chairman and CEO Ma Huateng said.

At the beginning of novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, Secretary Li Qiang stressed that we should seize the general trend, seek opportunities in danger, seize the opportunity from great changes, and create opportunities in the transformation of ourselves. Next, I will share with you Tencent’s thinking and exploration in the field of artificial intelligence with three “new”.

The first “new” is new growth. Normalization of the epidemic situation has made it very challenging for us to return to work. In order to ensure the smooth flow of “logistics, capital flow and information flow”, artificial intelligence plays an important role. Small and micro businesses whenever and wherever possible, Shanghai’s excellent image AI laboratory provides the optical character recognition (OCR) technology to Sinotrans Logistics Company Limited, instead of manual entry of logistics documents. Tencent Inc security team helps small and micro enterprises get online credit services with zero contact. If Tencent’s simultaneous interpreting is combined with Tencent, WeChat and other rework tools, it can be carried out anytime, anywhere. There are no restrictions on the venue and language of international conferences.

In the face of epidemic situation, it often takes more than 10 years to develop new drugs. Recently, Tencent launched the artificial intelligence drug discovery platform “Yunshen intelligent medicine”, which is fully open to researchers. We hope to use machine learning to shorten the time of new drug development. At present, novel coronavirus is being screened for effective drugs.

After this epidemic, China has no pure traditional industries. In February 2020, when the domestic anti epidemic situation was most intense, “dianong” of Tencent Artificial Intelligence Laboratory tried to carry out the experiment of remote planting tomato in Greenhouse of Liaoning Province. Although the spring cold, but the experimental group through artificial intelligence algorithm to achieve real-time temperature adjustment. At the end of the experiment, we found that the experimental group could increase the net profit of several thousand yuan per mu. Tencent also held a greenhouse planting competition with universities in the Netherlands, and the artificial intelligence of five teams won more than 20 years of planting experience in agricultural expert group.

The second “new” is new games. “Game” is not only a game, but also a game and game.

Tencent is fully supporting Shanghai to build a “global E-sports city”. At present, Tencent E-sports has established a long-distance production and broadcasting center of hero alliance and King glory in Shanghai, which are the most professional production and broadcasting center in the world. A series of important professional leagues of Tencent E-sports will be successively launched in Shanghai. In 2020, we are also actively preparing for the S10 global finals of the League of heroes, hoping to overcome the epidemic situation and successfully hold it in Shanghai.

The potential electronic competition industry will bring us great economic value. In the eyes of players and spectators, E-sports is a game; in the eyes of AI experts, it is a “multi-agent game”. In the development of artificial intelligence, the iconic alphago was born in the ancient Chinese game scene of go. Tencent first developed the “unique skill” of weiqi artificial intelligence, and won the world championship successively. At present, China’s national go team is using “unique skills” to train players, and has achieved good results. After solving the go puzzle, MoBa has become an important scene for us to study the complex decision-making ability of artificial intelligence. In 2018, Tencent’s King glory artificial intelligence “jueweu” passed the test of human team, reached the professional level of E-sports in 2019, and is now in the process of sprint to the top professional level.

In the future, AI may reshape our game R & D, E-sports events and even the entire digital culture industry. At the same time, games and video games provide the most ideal testing ground for artificial intelligence. For example, the “multi-agent game” in E-sports is also a problem to be solved in reality. At present, we have tried to use the technical advantages of the game field to build a simulation environment for automobile manufacturers to improve the test efficiency and safety of automatic driving.

I believe that the artificial intelligence highland and the global E-sports capital do not exist in isolation. They will find their intersection in Shanghai in the future.

The third “new” is the new generation. Most of the current E-sports athletes are “post-95”, we call them “digital aborigines”.

In our opinion, the new infrastructure will stimulate the intelligence of a new generation of young people, and the industrial Internet is bound to bring a dream stage for “digital aborigines”. In the first four months of 2020, the number of jobs in wechat ecosystem has increased by nearly 600000, becoming a new stage for college graduates to find jobs. We believe that the digital world is a new home waiting for the global youth to build together.

Mr. Ma Huateng put forward the “four can” principle for the “good” of artificial intelligence. It urges us to constantly consider and solve new problems such as privacy security, algorithm discrimination and digital divide when using artificial intelligence, and strive to achieve “transparency, universal benefit, responsibility and security”. Artificial intelligence can not only change the relationship between people and machines, but also adjust the relationship between people. It is the biggest variable in our industrial economy and the most important unknown in our social life. The new generation of young people should not only master the power of science and technology, but also think about cultural values, both of which are equally important.

Innovation is making Shanghai more attractive. Secretary Li Qiang has repeatedly mentioned that Shanghai should open the “door” of opening up, ignite the “fire” of innovation, and build an inclusive ecology. In recent years, unicorn enterprises have sprung up in Shanghai. We not only see the rapid growth of meituan review, pinduoduo, xiaohongshu, Yuewen group, bilibilibili and other enterprises, but also see the city character of “openness, inclusiveness and innovation”. We believe that the city’s innovation potential has just been released. In the future, it will create a new history at the intersection of the river of science and technology and the sea of culture. Tencent hopes to take root in Shanghai and create history!

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