In recent years, our giants in the field of science and technology have applied AI technology, which we call artificial intelligence, to our medical field to help us do something beneficial to patients. Our digestive system is already doing it.

Artificial intelligence is used in the third eye of endoscopists in the medical industry

AI is the English abbreviation of artificial intelligence. It simulates the information process of human consciousness and thinking, and produces an intelligent machine that reflects the similar way of human tear intelligence. Since its birth, the application field of artificial intelligence has been expanding, including robot, feather recognition, image recognition, natural language processing and expert system. Artificial intelligence is not human intelligence, But being able to think like people may also exceed people’s intelligence.

When AI technology is combined with the examination of gastrointestinal tumors, it will spark a very efficient spark. Human diagnosis is to look at different photos and then diagnose. This is our gastroscope and enteroscope. The computer is a patient. After completing the gastrointestinal endoscopy, we will produce 40 or even 80 pictures, While typing the report, we use a button to send the picture, and let the computer screen the picture quickly. In just a second or two, it can feed back the information to us. Is there any risk factor.

Artificial intelligence is used in the third eye of endoscopists in the medical industry

In just a few seconds, if we go to see so many photos, we may be very tired. In the morning, a doctor will feel very hard to do 20 or 30 patients, but for the machine, he can not eat. As long as he doesn’t cut off the power, it can constantly analyze this data, so the efficiency of the computer is reflected in this aspect.

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