Recently, the “most refined” government work report in history has aroused heated discussion.

In the view of Liu Wei, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, he was encouraged by the exposition of “new infrastructure” in the government work report. “The government work report puts forward that ‘Strengthening the construction of new infrastructure, developing a new generation of information network, expanding 5g applications, building charging piles, promoting new energy vehicles, stimulating new consumer demand and helping industrial upgrading’ is an important measure to fundamentally enhance national competitiveness. Under the current international situation, science and technology has become the stage for competition among big countries, and the Chinese people must Can and dare to ‘lead the dance’ on the international science and technology stage in the future. ” Liu Wei, chairman and CEO of Jiadu technology, said.

The “new” highlighted in the “new infrastructure” is the integration of new science and technology industries, new technologies and traditional industries. The development of new infrastructure is an important path to establish national competitive advantage in this era.

At present, China has made a breakthrough in the 5g field, which is the first time that the Chinese people really lead the world trend in the science and technology industry. At the same time, a new generation of information technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data are booming in all walks of life in China and have the opportunity to form advantages in technology and market.

“After more than 40 years of reform and opening up, China’s science and technology industry has grown from scratch, from import to imitation, and then to innovation and transcendence. In decades, we have completed the development path of hundreds of years in many developed countries.” Liu Wei, who went overseas to engage in ICT business in 1992, sighed, “But we can’t be complacent and lax. The science and technology industry is a breathless industry. If we don’t pay attention, we will be caught up and subverted. We still have to continue to work in new fields, and speed up ‘making up for weaknesses’ in the fields of chips, operating systems and databases, so as to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most important investment and development fields in the “new infrastructure”.

Liu Wei mentioned that he proposed more than a year ago that artificial intelligence will become an infrastructure and basic service like water and electricity in the future.

Today, the landing of artificial intelligence in smart cities has begun to show results. For example, in the process of anti epidemic this year, the temperature measurement equipment with artificial intelligence technology can realize rapid detection under adult traffic, facilitate residents’ travel and ensure public health and safety.

For another example, the traffic police can accurately identify and analyze the traffic flow of the whole city by using artificial intelligence technology, which provides a powerful means for scientific management of congestion. With the gradual implementation of the new infrastructure, artificial intelligence will become the infrastructure of cities, industries and residents in the future, and the production efficiency of many industries will be greatly improved.

From upstream to downstream, the artificial intelligence industry covers computing algorithms, data, applications and other links. There are enterprises such as Jiadu technology that focus on the application of artificial intelligence in various scenarios, algorithm enterprises such as cloud technology in the upstream, and AI chip enterprises such as horizon and Cambrian.

Liu Wei said that at the level of algorithm and application, the proportion of artificial intelligence technology independently controllable is high, but at the level of chip, operating system and even artificial intelligence technology theory, the proportion of “self-research, self-produced and self-use” is not high. “Artificial intelligence is likely to become an important foothold of future science and technology competition. Technology and dominance must be in their own hands so that they will not be ‘stuck’ at the critical moment.”.

Liu Wei has his own ideas on how to strengthen the localization of artificial intelligence core technology. “I think both the government and enterprises should play a role. The government should take the lead in the application of artificial intelligence, guide the construction of artificial intelligence infrastructure, form a demonstration effect, guide the growth and development of the whole industrial chain, and increase the listing and financing support for artificial intelligence start-ups in the capital market.” at the enterprise level, Liu Wei believes that it is very important to give play to the role of leading enterprises in the industrial chain. “The artificial intelligence industry is different from traditional industries. In particular, it needs to concentrate funds and resources to establish technical barriers in the embryonic development period. Jiadu not only does artificial intelligence applications by itself, but also attaches great importance to supporting upstream and downstream artificial intelligence start-ups. For example, in recent years, it has invested in a number of potential domestic artificial intelligence enterprises such as cloud technology, qianshitong technology and Ruifan technology , creating an autonomous and controllable artificial intelligence technology ecosystem. “

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