Today, Shanghai welcomes the fifth WAIC World Artificial Intelligence Conference. The world’s top scientists in the field of artificial intelligence, government representatives from various countries, and well-known entrepreneurs from all walks of life gathered together again to discuss the bright future of the intelligent era.

As the world’s leading artificial intelligence company, SenseTime has fully participated in this AI event for the fifth consecutive year. In the on-site dialogue session of “Stars, Seas and Down-to-earth” at the opening ceremony of the conference, Dr. Xu Li, Chairman and CEO of SenseTime, as a representative of scientists in the field of artificial intelligence, was invited to discuss with the Dean of Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University and the Research on International Governance of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University. Professor Xue Lan, Dean of the Institute, Professor Li Di, Chief Scientist of China SkyEye FAST, and Academician Zhou Jianping, Chief Designer of China’s Manned Spaceflight Engineering, launched a dialogue that spanned the universe and broke the boundaries of cognition, and discussed the impact of AI technology in a vivid and in-depth manner. The positive role and long-term value of human exploration of the universe.

Artificial Intelligence Adds New Dimensions to Space Exploration

Paradigm innovations triggered by artificial intelligence will help humans better conduct research in unknown fields such as astronomical observations and exploration of the universe.

During the dialogue, Dr. Xu Li mentioned that with the support of powerful computing power, artificial intelligence can discover laws from the huge stock of astronomical data by itself, giving an important breakthrough that breaks the boundaries of human cognition. At present, the iterative evolution of many basic sciences has entered a new stage driven by artificial intelligence, which is reversely guiding the development of human beings.

Looking further, artificial intelligence is also expected to introduce new measurement scales and add new cognitive dimensions to people’s exploration of the universe. Every expansion of the measurement scale means a refresh of the basic laws, which leads to changes in the perception of the world.

In fact, from simulating the control of nuclear fusion to simulating the Big Bang, from predicting protein structures to deducing the basic molecules of life, today’s artificial intelligence has achieved amazing results in many fields, expanding the existing knowledge of human beings. Human beings have seen a farther future, but the current artificial intelligence is still not enough to replace astronomical observation and aviation flight, and help humans realize the ultimate understanding of the universe. Xu Li believes that the main body of exploring the universe is human beings rather than machines, and the cognitive characteristics of human beings determine that it is necessary for human beings to gradually form a clear understanding and understanding through their own experiments and explorations step by step.

Space exploration is a common cause of mankind and requires long-term international cooperation. Professor Li Di believes that human beings share the same sky. No matter what technology is used, the overall goal of scientists is very unified, and they continue to maintain efficient and high-capacity cooperation on many common challenges.

Academician Zhou Jianping also mentioned that the observation focus and technical characteristics of each astronomical telescope in the world are different. Through cooperation, everyone can give full play to their advantages, let people understand the universe more accurately, and make more contributions to the development and progress of astronomy. Contribute more.

Both Professor Li Di and Academician Zhou Jianping said that exploring the universe is a common dream of mankind. In this activity, different countries and regions around the world can communicate and cooperate to share scientific and technological achievements.

At present, human development still faces many challenges. In fields such as astronomical exploration, artificial intelligence can play a more positive role. Xu Li said that astronomy is a lonely science, and like artificial intelligence, it requires a large amount of long-term accumulation, but in this process, with the continuous discovery of more data laws, more innovations will be produced, thus making people’s understanding of The cognition of the world and the universe is introduced into a brand new interface, which brings human beings closer to their ultimate dream.

Looking to the future, with the continuous advancement of science and technology and the level of social civilization, people are deepening their cognition and understanding of human society while conducting long-term exploration of the universe and extraterrestrial civilizations.

Professor Xue Lan concluded at the end of the dialogue that the reason why human beings are human is not only because we can stand in the present, but also look up at the starry sky, and use new technologies such as artificial intelligence to better help humans solve more practical problems.

In the digital age, AI helps all-round industrial upgrading

On the first day of the conference, SenseTime was invited to attend a number of conference theme forums to fully share the latest trends and practical achievements of artificial intelligence technology in the digital age to help industrial upgrading.

Luo Jing, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of SenseTime, attended the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit and the Artificial Intelligence Industry Elite Summit Forum, sharing SenseTime’s positive thinking and measures in the development of the talent chain, innovation chain, and industrial chain. Luo Jing pointed out that talents, technology, and capital are the three key elements in the “innovation chain”. Through scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, and system innovation of scientific research institutions, enterprises, and relevant government departments, cooperation and coordination will promote the integrated development of the “three chains”. Jointly promote the formation of a closed-loop ecology that “promotes the innovation chain with the talent chain, serves the industry chain with the innovation chain, and gathers the talent chain with the industry chain”.

Liu Qiang, vice president of SenseTime, attended the “Space-Time AI Industry Summit Forum” and delivered a keynote speech, introducing in detail how SenseTime uses AI technology to empower digital transformation. Liu Qiang pointed out that today, China is being comprehensively and rapidly reshaped by AI technology, realizing digital transformation and upgrading as a whole. SenseTime has built a complete set of end-to-end architecture system through AI large devices, and opened up the connection and collaboration between computing power, algorithms and platforms, which can greatly reduce the cost of artificial intelligence production factors, so as to achieve high efficiency, low cost, and large-scale AI innovation and empowerment. With AI large-scale devices as the cornerstone of innovation, SenseTime fully covers various fields and scenarios such as urban management, corporate services, personal life, and smart cars, creating a value closed loop in which technology and business promote each other.

In the Hong Kong sub-forum, Shang Hailong, general manager of SenseTime Hong Kong Company, pointed out in the roundtable forum “Virtual and Real Coexistence – Hong Kong Smart City New Generation” that the development of digital space technology has brought four new things to Hong Kong, “new space”, “new Market”, “New Opportunities”, and “New Connections”, the integration of the virtual and the real, and the promotion of the real with the virtual, hope that Hong Kong will seize the opportunity and take the initiative to keep up with the wave of new economic development.


SenseTime adheres to originality and strives to connect human culture through AI technology, accelerate technological innovation, empower industrial upgrading, boost urban development, and create a better future together.

On September 2, SenseTime will also hold the “Boundless Love SenseTime Innovation Forum”, focusing on multiple dimensions of AI+ innovation, ecology, industry-university-research, and participating in intelligent driving forums, intelligent computing pilot forums and other themed forums , together with guests from various industries to explore the “creativity” of AI and the latest achievements in industrial practice.

Reviewing editor: Peng Jing

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