For Huawei, arm will never cut off supply or cooperate.

According to the first financial report, Wu xiongang, executive chairman and CEO of arm China, said that they have never cut off supply and have been supporting Huawei, including the release and continuous shipment of Huawei products. Its products are from the UK architecture. Arm China is an independent company. Its product planning and product cooperation actually have great independent autonomy.

Computing power and algorithm are two wedges inserted into the intelligent world, and the chip carries the strength of computing power. Many years ago, Huawei began to cooperate with arm in the field of chips.

Huawei said that the next decade will be a golden decade for computing architecture innovation, and the scale of the computing industry will exceed US $2 trillion. In other words, the cooperation with arm will continue to deepen.

Before arm’s statement, Huawei and arm also claimed that the cooperation would not be affected for many times. Huawei has obtained the permanent authorization of the armv8 instruction set (Note: armv8 is the latest 32 / 64 bit instruction set of arm company, and the current cortex-a7x / a5x series are based on this instruction set and will be used for a long time in the future). It will have no impact on the armv8 instruction set.

Arm said it would not cut off the supply of Huawei, and the future cooperation will continue to deepen


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