Key contents:

·Based on the new armv9 architecture, the arm total computing solution can improve the key CPU, GPU and system IP at the system level, thus providing excellent performance and efficiency

·The first cortex CPU based on armv9 architecture for flagship performance and efficiency

·With the highest performance, Mali GPU brings high quality visual experience to consumer electronic devices

·The new corelink interconnection technology can reduce the delay, improve the performance and optimize the power consumption of the whole system

Arm: the foundation of computing technology in the next decade ® Based on V9 architecture, arm recently released its first comprehensive computing solution, which implements three key principles of arm’s comprehensive computing design strategy: computing performance, developer accessibility and security.

By meeting these three key principles at the same time, arm provides excellent performance, security, scalability and efficiency, which can be used by millions of developers around the world. These flexible solutions will be applied to various applications of arm partners to open a new generation of immersive interactive experience.

Paul Williamson, senior vice president of arm and general manager of terminal equipment division, said: “we are committed to introducing armv9 technology into various fields to maximize performance with system level design. The many advantages of secure dedicated processing capacity mean that computing technology based on ARM architecture is building a leading position beyond the smartphone market. With the help of the huge scale advantage brought by the mobile ecosystem, it is building leading solutions in notebook computers, desktop computers, cloud and other application fields. “

Comprehensive computing solutions

Arm’s new comprehensive computing solution adopts a system wide overall optimization method, spanning hardware IP, physical IP, software, tools and standards, providing a wider range of choices for arm’s partners, meeting the application scenarios and cost ranges of all terminal market segments.

The comprehensive computing solution will also unlock the new experience of the whole ecosystem. For example, interactive application scenarios designed for mobile devices and supporting AI functions can enable users to watch the rich 8K content in TV on the spot. All of these, together with security technology as the basis, will build a credible digital service for the next decade.

The core of these solutions is arm’s new IP suite, including the first armv9 cortex ™ CPU, Mali with excellent graphics function ™ GPU and new corelink ™ System IP.

Arm cortex CPU: the cornerstone of comprehensive computing solutions

The new armv9 CPU core is designed to provide first-class solutions for a variety of consumer electronic devices. It will provide the ultimate performance for laptops and a smoother user experience for smart TVs. In addition, the continuous efficiency improvement it provides will lead to a longer battery life and a more lasting mobile gaming experience.

Arm cortex-x2 is the most powerful CPU of arm at present. Compared with the current flagship Android smartphone, its performance is 30% higher. In addition to peak performance, cortex-x2 can also be expanded between flagship smartphones and laptops, enabling arm partners to design computing power based on different scenarios according to market demand.

Arm cortex-a710 is the first large core CPU based on armv9 architecture. Compared with cortex-a78, the energy efficiency and performance of arm cortex-a710 are improved by 30% and 10%, respectively. Through these improvements in performance and efficiency, when smart phones run highly demanding apps, users will get longer use time and more optimized user experience than before.

Arm cortex-a510 is the first high-efficiency small core launched by arm in the past four years. Its performance has been improved by 35% and machine learning performance has been improved by more than three times. The level of performance it brings is close to the previous generation core launched a few years ago, which is suitable for smart phones, home devices and wearable devices.

The backbone of armv9-a CPU cluster is the new dynamiq shared unit (dsu-110), which can provide various solutions for different market segments. The dsu-110 is scalable and can support up to eight cortex-x2 kernel configurations with excellent performance, security and machine learning capabilities, while ensuring efficiency.

In order to support the performance requirements of the ecosystem, arm will only provide 64 bit mobile application cores in 2023. To this end, arm’s global partners are working to ensure that all apps will support 64 bit by the end of this year, providing consumers with a seamless experience.

New arm Mali GPU suite for various market segments

Visual experience is still the key for consumers to interact with the device and enjoy the device. Arm has launched a number of GPUs for the most widely used, with armv9 CPU in a comprehensive computing solution to provide excellent user experience.

Mali has been the largest GPU by volume in the past few years. The new arm mali-g710 is a high-performance GPU launched for the flagship smartphone and growing chromebook notebook market, with a 20% performance improvement in computing intensive experience (such as AAA high fidelity games). For a variety of machine learning related tasks (such as image enhancement in new camera and video mode), mali-g710 also brings 35% improvement in machine learning performance.

Similar to last year, arm launched the arm mali-g610 as a sub flagship GPU. The GPU inherits all the functions of mali-g710, but the price is lower, which enables partners to quickly respond to the growing market and bring high-level application scenarios to more developers and consumers.

Arm mali-g510 achieves a perfect balance between performance and efficiency. It achieves 100% performance improvement and 22% energy-saving optimization on mid end smart phones, flagship smart TVs and set-top boxes, thus extending battery life and improving 100% machine learning performance.

Arm mali-g310 is the most efficient GPU of arm, which provides the highest performance with the minimum area cost. Through mali-g310, valhall architecture and high-quality graphics technology will be introduced into lower cost devices, such as entry-level smartphones, AR devices and wearable devices.

System IP of comprehensive computing solution

The interconnection technology of arm is very important to improve the system performance. The latest corelink ci-700 consistent interconnection technology and corelink ni-700 network on chip interconnection technology are seamlessly combined with ARM CPU, GPU and NPU IP to enhance system performance across SOC solutions. Corelink ci-700 and corelink ni-700 provide hardware level support for new armv9-a functions, such as memory tagging extension, and support higher security, improved bandwidth and latency.

For more technical details on arm corelink ci-700 and corelink ni-700, please visit this blog.

The world is embracing ARM Technology

The flagship smartphone, its software ecosystem and ubiquitous Internet technology have shaped and defined our digital experience. This level of experience is also defining the standards for all consumer interactions, and over the past year has demonstrated the possibilities that can be achieved through secure, scenario defined computing.

Enabling the ultimate digital experience is the driving force for arm to build its vision of future computing. Arm’s latest comprehensive computing solution is the first step in the next decade’s journey to achieve dedicated processing capabilities.


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