China Airlines Group Co., Ltd., China Eastern Airlines Group Co., Ltd. and China Southern Airlines Group Co., Ltd. received the first ARJ21 aircraft at Pudong base of general assembly and manufacturing center of China commercial aircraft Co., Ltd. China’s three major state-owned airlines, the world’s top ten airlines, “Xi ti” domestic regional aircraft on the same day, also means that ARJ21 aircraft has been officially incorporated into the fleet of international mainstream airlines.

It is understood that Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines have carried out characteristic selection according to market demand, combined with their own fleet planning and route layout, and sent experienced engineering representatives to strictly supervise the aircraft manufacturing process. The three ARJ21 aircraft delivered to Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines this time adopt a 90 seat full economy class layout. This year, Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines will receive three ARJ21 aircraft respectively.

Air China goes all out to make preparations for the introduction of ARJ21 aircraft. On December 16, 2019, the ARJ brigade of Air China flight Corps was officially established, making full efforts from the aspects of fleet construction, model transfer training, personnel reserve, logistics support and so on; The locomotive, crew and ground units set up project tackling teams respectively to focus on the specific work implementation of each link; At the same time, business backbones with outstanding technology, solid theory and rich experience are selected to carry out business docking with COMAC and solidly promote various operation preparations. The introduction of ARJ21 aircraft will provide stronger support for Air China to further expand its route network, optimize its fleet structure and enhance its competitive advantage.

Relying on its regional advantages in Shanghai, China Eastern Airlines strengthened resource sharing and mode innovation, and set up one, two and three airlines on February 26 this year to start a new journey of market-oriented operation of domestic aircraft. The 123rd aviation operation base is located in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It takes the operation of ARJ21, C919 and other domestic commercial aircraft as the main body, adheres to the combination of trunk and branch, creates a whole industry, full service, convenient and fast aviation service network, and promotes the large-scale operation of domestic commercial aircraft. As the parent company, China Eastern Airlines will give full play to its own advantages, give strong support to one, two and three airlines, fully show the safe operation quality and advanced design of ARJ21 in operation, bring passengers a comfortable flight experience, and help domestic commercial aircraft fly higher, more stable, farther and better.

ARJ21 aircraft was officially incorporated into the fleet of international mainstream airlines

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the first ARJ21 aircraft, China Southern Airlines made careful preparations from the aspects of support process, personnel qualification and operation safety, and successively completed the preparation work such as the training of relevant pilots and flight attendants. China Southern Airlines will give full play to the advantages of large fleet operation support and networked market, and strive to ensure, operate and develop ARJ21 aircraft. It is considered to deploy in Guangzhou headquarters for operation in advance, relying on the strongest maintenance and operation capacity of China Southern Airlines, optimize the support scheme and ensure orderly operation. In addition, ARJ21 aircraft will be put into operation one after another to quickly accumulate the operation experience of domestic commercial aircraft, continuously optimize and improve the reliability and economy of domestic commercial aircraft, and bring passengers a “friendly and fine” service feeling.

COMAC adheres to customer-centric, strives for excellence, actively listens to the suggestions of the three airlines on product optimization, management improvement and customer service improvement, fully promotes production and manufacturing, operation support, special personnel training and aviation material support, and continues to improve the ARJ21 aircraft customer service system and operation support system, Provide guarantee for aircraft delivery and smooth operation of subsequent routes.

Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines have large fleets, wide route network coverage and rich operation experience. After the ARJ21 aircraft is incorporated, it plays a positive role in promoting the operation of regional aircraft, exploring the aviation development mode of the combination of trunk and branch lines suitable for China’s national conditions, and building a more accessible and smooth air transportation network. As more and more ARJ21 aircraft are put into the market, it will boost China’s civil aviation popularization strategy and continuously meet the growing travel needs of the people.

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