A team once did an experiment. They created a virtual luxury brand with no real products at all, advertised it frantically in various well-known commercial locations, and then conducted a “consumer survey” three months later.

Their question is: What do you think of the products of XX cosmetics brand? Most consumers have good reviews.

It’s a funny and true thing. Obviously there is no such product, but everyone seems to have used it. This is the illusion created by brand marketing.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is building a brand overnight. In addition to these, many themes in life, such as institutions, not as good as degree certificates, etc., are fictional concepts, which are the “imagined communities” we often hear.

Leaving aside the story of Bitcoin, let’s take Apple, the world’s largest company by market capitalization, as an example. It has domestic factories, foreign design centers, and a headquarters in California. Of course, it also includes the physical mobile phone you hold in your hand.

But if one day, Apple’s employees disband and leave, the Apple brand will always exist in everyone’s hearts.

religion and science

Really powerful human organizations don’t care about the truth at all, they care about imposing fictional beliefs on everyone and using this belief to change the real world. — Yuval Noah Harari

This is the tone of Bitcoin. You can say that it is meaningless, you can say that it is not true enough, but after 10 years of storytelling, group after group of religious believers have “imposed” these beliefs on the real world through their own strength. In hindsight, that has clearly changed the world.

Every new partner will be “brainwashed” by the following stories:

The story about the Tower of Babel in the Bible, that is, decentralization; the story about how the alliance chain changed the world, but so far, it is still because of the broken credit of the chain link, which makes it impossible to tell.

After entering the market for a while, you will usher in the consensus mechanism and the story of forked coins. Every coin will emphasize the shortcomings of Bitcoin, and through newly fabricated technology and community marketing, fabricating itself is the real Bitcoin.

Next, there are stories about mining machines and public chains. The mining machine directly realizes invisible energy products such as electricity and water. The reason why it is recommended as the leading industry in the currency circle is, of course, because a mining machine, from the manufacturer to the agent, etc., is bound all the way downstream. interests of many people.

The current public chain projects in the circle follow the right path that technology is king, but none of them solve the liquidity problem of assets on the chain. A chain needs to have businesses, users, and assets. Different public chains are like different cities. What kind of city life each person chooses is related to their own needs, economic strength, and so on.

In 2020, new topics about privacy coins and privacy have been brought to the fore. However, a natural problem with privacy coins is that pure idealism will not be allowed to grow bigger, and the market for privacy coins is naturally regulated. Therefore, many of the current exchanges do not list the privacy coin series, for fear of causing trouble to themselves.

Of course, if you have been in the circle for a while, the names mentioned above are all floating clouds, and there is only one story throughout, and that is the myth of getting rich. Many people recognize Bitcoin not because of its design and the related stories above, but because of the nearly tens of millions of times of increase. No one can deny that these are real.

The story of rising all the way spreads fast and has strong brainwashing ability. This is also the reason why altcoins are floating around in this circle. Only gains and gains can establish the religion of the currency circle.

You can debunk and use your true and powerful worldview, but what can you change? The power of fiction is extremely powerful. Satoshi Nakamoto’s only purpose at the beginning was to attract more volunteers to join. No matter how far away Bitcoin is from what you imagined, it has gathered more and more smart minds in the world to work together effectively.

Just like forked coins, is it the problem of which block expansion they are robbing? No, they are religious disputes, fighting for order and fighting for power.

It will never be technological innovation that supports the blockchain industry, but the humanism shown in these fictional stories. We should live in fiction, which tells us what the real world should look like.

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