0. Preface

My friends from Tiantai calm down first, or listen to what I have to say. I feel bad when the market plummets. Everyone is the same. Let me tell you about my understanding of the blockchain. Please read it clearly, you must read it clearly, it is important In terms of logic, it is not for you to buy the bottom or cut the meat and leave the market now. Everyone’s situation is different, and the operation is naturally different. It is completely up to you. Please operate in a responsible attitude to yourself, and be responsible for your own profits and losses. I will only talk about my logic. And analysis ideas, if you feel that there is a reference value, the best.

1. The financial world built by blockchain is more efficient

At present, the global financial market is fragmented. The United States has Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange; mainland China has Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, Hong Kong H shares…; but they are separated from each other, which is why many of us can't buy Ali Baba can’t buy shares of Tencent, Tesla, Apple, and it’s hard for foreigners to buy Chinese A shares. Even if they buy, there are various restrictions on shareholding ratios (although they are slowly being loosened). Now the global stock market is divided and fighting each other. Yes, the stock targets of the transactions are also different and cannot be exchanged with each other. For example, some companies are listed on Hong Kong stocks, A shares, and U.S. stocks at the same time, but they cannot be freely circulated and exchanged between each market. Think about how long it took for our Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect to be officially opened. This efficiency is simply incomparable to the currency circle. Friends who know how to move bricks must understand this better. But let's think about it, BTC/ETH/EOS are available in various exchanges around the world, Venezuela, Nigeria, and other countries can be traded, and people all over the world can participate, and these tokens can be circulated all over the world, no need CDR, without the damming lake of A shares, the issuance and circulation of assets is much more efficient and open and transparent than the current one. For the stocks issued in the current securities market, the company's equity structure is not transparent. At the same time, the circulation of equity is very inefficient. However, all transactions of tokens on the blockchain can be checked publicly. Whoever transferred it to whom, all of this information is available. This alone is already very powerful. Traditional financial markets cannot or are difficult to achieve.

A new thing must come out to solve a specific social problem, either to improve production efficiency, reduce social operating costs, or to create a newer experience for people. As long as this possibility exists, this thing has value, but what we see now It remains to be seen whether it will be the same as the future blockchain world. The current currency circle is not the same as the future blockchain. Although chaos occurs frequently, I believe that there will be an explosive application that will allow the blockchain to penetrate into thousands of households and be well known by everyone. Those who send air coins to cut leeks are destined to be nailed to the pillar of shame in history. In the early days of the industry, technology was not yet popularized, there was a shortage of blockchain technical talents, and the infrastructure was still in the construction stage. We can wait and see, but the trend of asset digitization and securities tokenization is unstoppable, even if the restrictions of policies and regulations are strangled, It will definitely appear in one form or another. Don't underestimate the wisdom of the people. This is why I believe in the future of blockchain, let's be patient.

2. The currency circle is an incremental market

We have to believe in the digitization of assets and the tokenization of securities is a trend (because it is more efficient, more open and transparent), then think about it, the overall market value of the current currency circle is too small compared to the market value of mainstream securities, and it is not a market at all. The investment community is incomparable. It is said that there are 5 million people investing in blockchain in China, and there are 200 million Chinese shareholders. Think about how big an incremental market this is. This trend is difficult to stop. When the industry is very chaotic, mainstream funds do not dare to enter the market in large quantities. When the infrastructure is almost ready, and there are mature applications that can be implemented, even similar to WeChat Douyin-level applications, we will see the industry blowout. , like the Internet. We can also see what is happening now. Central banks around the world are researching and issuing their own digital currencies, major Internet companies are actively embracing blockchain technology, and more traditional companies have followed suit to issue coins and make money. The trend of this industry can be seen, but it is still in the early stage, there are irregularities in all aspects, and regulations are also lacking.

3. There is no right or wrong in the blockchain itself

Now the chaos in the industry is too scary. When one thing is popular, all the crooks come. MLM coins, air coins, and capital disks are all coming. On the one hand, you can see the universality of technology, and crooks can use it, but this It is not the problem of the blockchain itself. Good people can use the blockchain to do good things, and bad people can use the blockchain to do bad things. The fault is that people are not tools. I remember the ICO+ model proposed by Yunbi before. I think it is worth learning from. The project side raises funds and unlocks funds according to the progress. On the one hand, it blocks many liars who want to make quick money. At the same time, it is necessary to know that starting a business has certain risks. Investors’ funds will not be lost. This is a very good measure to protect investors. However, after the domestic one-size-fits-all approach, no relevant regulatory strategies and solutions have been proposed. We are just waiting, and 94 is already close to It's been a year and there hasn't been any substantial progress. We have seen that other countries have studied and introduced relevant laws to regulate and encourage ICOs and tokens, and we hope we can follow suit as soon as possible.

4. The current currency circle is not necessarily the future of blockchain

From my logic point of view, the future of the blockchain is so good, but it does not mean that the coins you buy will rise immediately. The bull market is coming soon. Which projects and products are in the future still needs the test of time. The coins we buy The projects invested may go to heaven or return to 0. Don’t be too optimistic in the short term and don’t be too pessimistic in the long term. There are so many bloods in the front, but we have to remind everyone of the pits in this industry. We must know that what we see now is very likely to be very different from the future. EOS may also be replaced by more powerful things, and BTC may also be replaced by ZCASH. Replacement, or the emergence of more representative and revolutionary epic blockchain infrastructure, this is only what we can see at the moment, but don’t think that the future will be like this. At present, we see more air coins. Even the so-called Tianwang-level projects may not be realized. What everyone is most concerned about at the moment is what projects can make money by investing, what coins can be bought to get rich, and the coins that rise more. This is understandable, after all, human nature is like this, but this model of making quick money is unsustainable. When it comes to the real landing, the bragging rights that have been blown can not be realized and cannot be implemented. If it should return to 0, it will return to 0. Everyone will vote with their feet. There are very few projects that I have participated in this year. Unless there is a channel advantage, or I am very optimistic, I think I will enter some of them. I have ignored most of the projects that claim to change the world. I would rather earn less than not. It is good to lose money, but if the market is not good, if you don’t lose money, you will make money.

5. Summary

Remind again that all the coins and projects mentioned in the article may return to 0. Please take a responsible attitude towards yourself, study carefully, make good decisions, and take your own profits and losses. Since you have chosen a certain variety, please study and understand It, to be aware of. In the magnificent scene of 2017, the era when fools can make money has passed. Only if you can learn more than others, do more research on technology, projects, investment, etc., and work hard, you can do better than others. People are better. Only I still need to continue to learn more things, to ask all kinds of great gods, to broaden my cognitive boundaries, I remember listening to the founder Zhuang Chenchao's speech when I was there before, and the one that impressed me the most. Yes: Many times we think a thing is innovation, the essence is that we have seen too little in the world, so we think this thing is innovation, our vision and vision will limit our imagination.

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