Problems faced by enterprise store management

With the continuous development of modern enterprises, chain stores and other branches are increasing rapidly, which not only greatly increases the workload of on-site management, but also challenges the effectiveness of management. The first is on-site management. Due to the large number and wide geographical distribution of enterprise stores, the traditional manual shop inspection needs to invest a lot of manpower. It is not only difficult to manage, high cost, untimely feedback and low efficiency, but also difficult to quickly and accurately analyze the core factors affecting store profitability. For a long time, enterprises have been relying on the sales volume of local stores as the main basis for store analysis and management, and even to develop marketing strategies. It is far from enough to develop marketing strategies only based on sales volume. The analysis of business data such as passenger flow, bag carrying rate, conversion rate and customer unit price of each store is also essential.

How to solve the problem of intelligent store management system

In view of the above background, the implementation of intelligent store management system is imperative. By integrating and summarizing the video image resources deployed by each store of the enterprise, and carrying out intelligent statistics and analysis of data, it helps the enterprise to carry out visual remote store management.

The intelligent store management system can be used for remote video inspection, and the managers can browse the real-time HD video images of each store through the simple and easy-to-use client. It can also configure intelligent passenger flow analysis equipment to accurately count the number of people entering and leaving the store, and automatically generate detailed professional reports based on comprehensive marketing data to assist operators to make accurate market judgment and management decisions.

Architecture and function realization of intelligent store management system

system architecture

The intelligent store management system needs to be deployed in the enterprise headquarters and stores respectively. The intelligent store management server deployed by headquarters is the center of information processing, equipment management and privilege management of the whole system. At the same time, it also realizes the centralized scheduling, forwarding and storage functions of each store’s video resources. Each store deployed high-definition cameras, customer flu awareness instrument, high-definition video recorder. Among them, the camera is used for audio and video acquisition and coding, and the video recorder is responsible for video recording and picture capture. The communication between headquarters and stores is based on Internet deployment. Due to the unique video compression technology, high-definition video can be transmitted based on ADSL.

Function realization

Remote shop Tour

The intelligent store management system has a perfect function of remote inspection. With the help of high-quality and rich audio and video resources, it can carry out all kinds of management work, including commodity display, shopping guide specification, promotion implementation, training and operation guidance, personnel evaluation, etc. At the same time, the flat system architecture allows the company’s managers at all levels to reach the store without obstacles and control the most cutting-edge information at any time.

Quickly locate target stores

It can quickly locate the target stores through simple store structure table and online electronic map. After entering the store page, you can browse the image in real time by clicking the camera icon on the layout of the store, which is simple and convenient.

Long distance shop inspection

The panoramic image of the store can be viewed through the high-speed spherical camera, and the camera direction and focal length can be controlled online to view local details, such as welcome, cashier, commodity display, price label, store layout, etc. The system supports multi screen browsing and can view multiple stores at the same time.

The voice communication system with the store at any time is equipped with excellent voice intercom equipment. Once abnormal conditions are found in the process of shop inspection, the store can be called and the staff of the store can be guided. At the same time, voice equipment can also be used as a daily training tool for stores.

Efficient automatic shop inspection

The system has the function of automatic shop inspection, which can set the camera to automatically capture the specific scene periodically, and automatically archive and generate reports for the convenience of managers to browse and annotate.

Support online evaluation

Managers can check the store video and monitor the sound of the scene at the same time, they can fill in the inspection record online, and the system will automatically generate the evaluation report. In addition, the function module can be connected with the enterprise daily evaluation system, which helps to optimize the enterprise management process.

Convenient mobile applications

The system supports mobile client applications. Managers can log in to the system through mobile phones, tablet computers and other devices to carry out daily shop inspection applications or view various reports. The status of stores can be controlled from time to time.

Passenger flow analysis

The intelligent store management system is equipped with professional and accurate passenger flow perception equipment, and the passenger flow perception instrument is installed in the places where passenger flow statistics are needed (such as entrances and exits). After simple setting, we can obtain accurate store passenger flow data, and then output professional analysis report.

Report generation in time

The intelligent store management system is equipped with professional and accurate passenger flow perception equipment, and the passenger flow perception instrument is installed in the places where passenger flow statistics are needed (such as entrances and exits). After simple setting, we can obtain accurate store passenger flow data, and then output professional analysis report.

Professional data analysis

The system can not only quickly count the passenger flow data, but also make statistical analysis on the passenger flow law. It can also access POS system, import sales data, automatically calculate bag rate, conversion rate and customer unit price, and generate various comprehensive analysis reports. In depth information mining

The system provides a multi store comparison function, which can easily and intuitively show the profitability of each store. It can also analyze the customer’s attention to goods through the collected data, so as to provide more practical guidance and suggestions for business decision-making.

Auxiliary information analysis

The system can automatically obtain the weather, holidays and other information, which can be used as a reference for data analysis, so as to help managers scientifically estimate the impact of environmental factors on business.

Hot spot analysis

How to optimize the store layout and display, so that the display of goods to promote sales expectations? How to accurately grasp the real preferences and concerns of customers and understand the market trend? In view of these problems, based on high-precision video analysis technology, a hot spot analysis system is launched to mine sensitive business information in the micro operation of each store, so as to help enterprises grasp the market development trend and make accurate decisions quickly.

Optimize the layout and improve the sales opportunities

Through accurate detection of customers’ walking direction and route in the store, combined with the furnishings in the store, statistical analysis of hot areas and paths out of the store, so as to provide suggestions for businesses to optimize the layout and improve the operation efficiency of the store.

Focus on hot spots and grasp the direction of product development

In the key commodity display area, professional perception devices are deployed to capture each customer’s behavior, and then the customer’s hot spots are statistically analyzed. It provides intuitive and scientific data reference for enterprises to capture new product development direction, adjust commodity pricing, and carry out promotional activities.

System advantages

Intelligent store management system uses a unique low bandwidth video processing technology, each store only needs the ordinary ADSL network to upload high-definition store video, without expensive network costs. In addition, the system also has the characteristics of automatic inspection of equipment, easy recycling, multi system compatibility and so on.

high definition

The system inherits the advanced technology in the field of high-definition video, and can fully support 720p / 1080p high-definition performance, so that managers can clearly view all aspects of store details, and ensure the quality of remote shop inspection.

Low bandwidth transmission

The system uses a unique high-definition video processing technology to achieve excellent transmission performance of high-definition video stream through low bandwidth. Stores only need to use the existing ADSL network to carry out business without increasing network resources and saving costs.

Easy to recycle

All equipment of the system can be easily disassembled and moved to other stores for reuse. Whether it is a video recorder or a camera, it only needs simple installation, without complicated configuration changes. Especially for the camera with auto focus function, after installation, focus can be realized by one key on the client interface without complicated engineering debugging.

Automatic inspection of equipment

It can be equipped with a professional intelligent detection system, which can automatically detect all equipment. Once the equipment problem is found, it will automatically alarm to remind the management personnel to deal with it in time, so as to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the whole system.

Multi system compatibility

The system has good scalability. On the one hand, it can connect with other video and office systems, including video conference, to further expand the video application resources. On the other hand, the system can also expand video training, intelligent control and other business modules to provide more possibilities for enterprise store management.

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