Arasan Mipi I3C Ⓡ total IP ™ The solution seamlessly integrates Mipi I3C Ⓡ controller, Mipi I3C Ⓡ PHY I / O and Mipi I3C Ⓡ software stack. Arasan Mipi I3C Ⓡ total IP ™ The solution is a simplified, backward compatible I2C, scalable, and cost-effective interface. In the rapidly growing sensor market, Arasan’s Mipi I3C Ⓡ total IP ™ Solution and Arasan’s total IP for Mipi csi-2 and Mipi dsi-2 ™ The solution provides complete image sensor and display interface solutions for developers in the automotive, mobile and Internet of things industries. Arasan’s Mipi I3C Ⓡ host controller interface has energy-saving operation, which helps to maximize battery life. It is an ideal choice for the mobile industry.

Arasan Mipi I3C Ⓡ total IP ™ The solution has been verified by silicon and passed many interoperability tests organized by Mipi Association.

Arasan’s Mipi I3C Ⓡ PHY I / O IP can be used for FinFET process nodes that also support 1.8V / 1.2 + / – 10% IO power supply and 0.8V + / – 10% kernel power supply.

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