Mipi soundwire protocol is a simple and unified audio interface, which has been developed to many markets, especially mobile applications. It can replace a variety of high pin count connections, so as to achieve scalability and flexibility, improve power consumption and reduce latency. Mipi soundwire is ideal for a variety of devices, such as personal computers, high-end mobile phones, headphones and hearing aids, from low-cost, low bandwidth peripherals to high-performance audio codecs.

Arasan’s soundwire PHY v1.2 includes PHY host IP core, with 1 clock channel, 1 data channel and PHY device IP core, and 1 clock channel and 3 data channels. It seamlessly integrates Arasan’s soundwire host and device controller. Arasan’s soundwire PHY has programmable delay, so that the high impedance drives the data timing and time adjustment, so that the edge of the data output signal is on the clock input; Have the ability to close data output at synchronization and self timing; A single trigger with programmable pulse width turns off the data output at a predetermined time. It supports 1.8V + / – 10% IO power supply and 0.8V + / – 10% kernel power supply.

Arasan’s soundwire PHY I / O IP core is silicon verified and can be immediately used in FinFET process nodes.

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