Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently raised a series of issues. In the topics, he said he had a long-term vision for the future and emphasized the important areas he thought would become the focus in the next 10 years. Zuckerberg pointed out that by 2030, the remote office technology of AR and VR can enable employees to work remotely anywhere in the world, so as to alleviate the housing crisis in densely populated cities.

AR and VR are the main computing platforms in the future or will solve the housing crisis in the future

Zuckerberg reiterated his long-standing belief that AR and VR are the main computing platforms of the next generation, and their key function is to enable users to feel the connection and authenticity with others and regions even in distant places. This is the key to why Facebook acquired oculus for about $2.4 billion in 2014.

Zuckerberg said: “… At some point in the 2020’s, we will get breakthrough ar glasses, which will redefine our relationship with technology.” when this happens, the technology will weaken the inequality caused by geographical factors.

Zuckerberg said: “Both augmented and virtual reality are meant to provide a sense of presence, that is, to make you feel with another person or in another place. The next computing platform will not keep us away from the people around us, but will make us interact more closely with each other and help technology out of trouble. Even if some early devices seem clumsy, I think this will be so far So far, people have built the most humanized and social technology platform. “

“The ability to ‘exist’ anywhere will also help us solve some of today’s biggest social problems, such as rising housing costs and unequal opportunities caused by geographical factors. Nowadays, many people feel that they must move to cities because they are where they work. However, many cities have the problems of insufficient housing and soaring living costs It also reduces people’s quality of life. Imagine how convenient it would be if you could live in the place you choose and do any work anywhere. If we can achieve the goal we are building, it should be closer to reality by 2030. “

Zuckerberg’s idea that AR and VR will fundamentally change the way of human long-distance interaction is not alone. Today, even if the devices, platforms and applications are not perfect, we can see the use cases of remote technology for work and entertainment.


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