Finger vein recognition is to irradiate the finger with near-infrared light. After the heme in the flowing blood absorbs the near-infrared light, a clear finger vein image is obtained, and then a specific algorithm is used to extract the characteristic value from the image. During recognition, the extracted characteristic value data is compared with the stored characteristic value data, and the recognition comparison results are given, so as to achieve the function of identity recognition.

Application of voice chip in digital vein intelligent door lock

During the operation of the fingerprint lock, the voice prompt function can bring great convenience to the elderly and children. The security of the fingerprint lock is much safer than that of the traditional key. If someone tries to unlock the lock illegally, the fingerprint lock will also give an alarm at the first time, which is a performance that the traditional door lock does not have.

Wtn6 voice chip is a low-power industrial OTP voice chip launched by Shenzhen Weichuang Zhiyin. A single chip can store 40~170 seconds of audio. Wtn6 has a built-in 8R 0.5W PWM power amplifier integrated circuit, which can also be connected to an external power amplifier. It also has a 16 level volume adjustable function. In standby mode, the static current is less than 5ua;

Wtn6 supports: digital pulse, button, one-wire serial port, two-wire serial port, control mode, accurate +/-1% internal oscillation, low-voltage reset (lvr=2.0v) watchdog timing, and 224 different audio segments can be loaded on a single chip;

Pin definition

poYBAGKn6y6ARRaHAACBGLbbesE941. jpg

Application scheme of wtn6 voice chip on finger vein door lock (the entry content can be customized):

1. Open the door successfully;

2. Fingerprint identification failed;

3. The door is unlocked. Welcome home;

4. If the battery is insufficient, please replace the battery in time;

5. 110 alarm tone (someone tries to unlock the lock illegally)

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