At present, with social progress and economic prosperity, social security problems are becoming increasingly serious. All kinds of theft and robbery have been reported from time to time, and people’s lives and property are seriously threatened. The most important content of community and housing management is to ensure the national property and personal safety. In work and life, there may be some unexpected security problems from time to time, so it is more and more important to prevent and stop the invasion, theft, destruction and other criminal crimes. Therefore, security and alarm systems and other advanced technical defense equipment become the necessary system to provide security.

However, the traditional video monitoring and alarm network system is limited by the development level of technology at that time. Most of the TV monitoring systems can only carry out simulation monitoring on the scene. Although the network alarm network can carry out long-distance alarm information transmission, the transmitted alarm information is simple, and can not transmit images, and can not timely and accurately understand the actual situation of the scene, It is difficult to confirm the alarm event and the system efficiency is very low.

With the popularization of computer system, the rapid development of network communication technology, image compression processing technology and transmission technology, the security industry can adopt the latest computer, communication and image processing technology. Through the computer network transmission of digital images, it can provide an efficient and low-cost solution for the realization of remote image monitoring and networking alarm system.

In order to ensure that the function of the security management system in the residential area reaches the first-class level, ensure the safety of the personnel and goods in the area, and standardize the security management in the area, it is necessary to establish a set of security alarm video monitoring system with excellent performance and high level, so as to bring the key parts and main channels of the whole area into the protection and monitoring line of sight of the security department, Take precautions. At the same time, once there is a problem, you can timely check the automatic recording of the scene information from the security monitoring system to provide the necessary and powerful basis for the public security organs to solve the case quickly. This is also fully in line with the requirements of the public security and technical defense departments to establish a security system.

2、 System requirements

The security technology prevention system includes: perimeter protection and alarm system, anti-theft alarm system, video monitoring system, and other systems. All systems are linked together to form a general control system combining personal prevention and technical prevention. The functional requirements are as follows:

1. Monitor the entrances and exits of residential areas and living areas, main roads, entrances and exits of parking lots, underground parking lots and other key areas;

2. Carry out perimeter prevention around the fence of the area, carry out intrusion prevention alarm to the moving point department, and link with the monitoring system;

3. Multimedia video display technology is adopted in the central monitoring system, which is controlled, managed and recorded by computer, and the management authority and password are set in different levels;

4. Alarm equipment and camera linkage control, with sound and light alarm signal output;

5. Each system can operate independently or form a network with strong expansibility;

6. The system provides centralized power supply.

According to the above requirements, the perimeter prevention system is composed of focus mature infrared detector, the intrusion prevention system is composed of infrared detector, and the closed-circuit television monitoring system is composed of focus intelligent high-speed ball and infrared camera. In order to ensure the overall integration of the system, the EAVS digital network monitoring and alarm solution of Shenzhen MeiAn Technology Co., Ltd. is selected for the overall design.

3、 Design principles

1, advanced nature

In strict accordance with the relevant state regulations, combined with the specific circumstances, we should use the best design plan and adopt advanced and mature technology and equipment and materials, which not only meet the current needs, but also take into account the future high-speed data transmission needs, so that the whole system will maintain its advanced nature and good expansibility in a certain period of time, so as to meet the needs of the development of information industry and the upgrading of technology in the future.

2. Normative

Security engineering is an advanced and complex comprehensive system engineering. From the beginning of system design, including the whole process of construction, installation, commissioning and final acceptance, the standardized design and management of the system should be done in strict accordance with the relevant national standards and specifications. Finally, submit the formal test acceptance report and a full set of construction drawings and technical data for the user to save.

3. Practicability and expandability

In the design of the security system, we should fully consider the current needs and future long-term interests. First of all, to meet the basic functional needs, to meet the requirements of economic and practical, and should fully consider the future development needs, with scalability, fully protect the existing investment, and has a high cost performance. The common method is to embed the necessary pipelines and reserve a variety of physical interfaces to provide the flexibility of technology upgrading and equipment updating, so as to facilitate the expansion and upgrading of the system in the future.

4. Reliability

The construction of security system directly affects the use effect, external image and return on investment, so the system design must be safe and reliable. Mature technology and products have been fully considered in this scheme, and the optimized scheme has been adopted in equipment selection and system design. And from the line laying, equipment installation, system debugging, after-sales service and other aspects, fully meet the requirements of reliability.

4、 System application scheme design

1. System application diagram

Application scheme of remote image monitoring and network alarm system based on computer technology

Design scheme of alarm monitoring system in residential area

2. Components and functions

(1) Perimeter alarm system

A. System design:

The perimeter alarm system is an important part of the security system and the first line of defense. The purpose of perimeter guard alarm system is to prevent intrusion and provide early warning when intrusion occurs. And cooperate with the camera monitoring to leave effective image evidence. Buy time for the police to respond quickly.

Through careful design, all the periphery of the system is placed in the infrared sensing range. When the system is deployed, as long as there is illegal intrusion, the opposite probe will automatically sense and trigger the alarm. The alarm light or alarm signal in the alarm control center will send out alarm information, and the alarm position will be displayed on the electronic map of the alarm interface, and the camera and light in the corresponding area can be linked, The main monitor of the monitoring center displays the image of the alarm area, and the video recorder of the monitoring system is started for video backup.

The perimeter defense system consists of front-end detector (active infrared radiation), alarm host and some auxiliary equipment (power supply, display map, alarm signal, probe mounting bracket), which is divided into three parts. Abt or Abe intelligent bus detector of focus brand can be selected for active infrared radiation, which is connected by bus mode, with convenient installation and more stable performance. During the installation, the appropriate number of perimeter is selected according to the needs of the actual environment, and the infrared protection area is set up around the perimeter of the whole community. The infrared waterproof integrated camera is installed in the area that needs special attention, and the sound and light alarm signal can be installed on the wall. The EAVS network digital alarm video server with bus defense area is directly used in the host control part. Once the alarm is triggered, the alarm signal can be transmitted to the control center through the EAVS controller, and the electronic map will pop up on the computer of the control center to visually display the information of the defense area, so that the personnel on duty can send the alarm more quickly and accurately. At the same time, it can automatically start the on-site video recording equipment for on-site video recording, and start the sound and light alarm signal to initially deter the illegal invaders.

The scheme of this subsystem is a preliminary design proposal, which is mainly based on the actual situation.

B. System features:

a) Low false alarm rate: the perimeter alarm detector is composed of active infrared counter fire probe, which not only has high long-distance aiming accuracy, but also has high stability and extremely low false alarm rate, showing strong adaptability to outdoor environment.

b) Stable signal acquisition and transmission: the advanced communication transmission network is used to directly transmit the signal to the computer of the security center. Therefore, it has the advantages of long transmission distance and large room for system expansion.

c) The alarm video linkage function of video monitoring equipment and perimeter detector can directly judge the correctness of the police situation and record the process of criminal behavior, providing necessary evidence for handling the case.

d) The alarm controller can report the alarm information to the control center within 0.5 seconds after detecting the alarm signal.

e) The front-end device bus system is easy to install and operate, easy to expand, low maintenance cost and long service life.

(2) Video monitoring and alarm system

A. System design:

a) According to the actual environment, the number of front-end EAVS can be selected and controlled. It is suggested that each floor should share one EAVS, and 4-way or 8-way video can be selected. EAVS can also be installed on a household basis, which is more convenient for users to expand security equipment according to their own needs. EAVS collects the front-end video signal and uploads the alarm information.

b) A color camera is installed at the elevator door and emergency exit of each staircase to monitor the traffic condition of the main passage. Of course, the number of equipment can be increased or decreased according to the actual needs. Hemispherical cameras can also be used, with good concealment, which can effectively reduce the residents’ feeling of being monitored.

c) The entrance and exit of each unit floor is the place where people enter and leave frequently, and it is also the key area of monitoring. A high-definition color camera can be installed at the entrance and exit of each unit floor according to the needs.

d) Ensure safety and prevent fire. Install smoke detectors on the actual required parts of each unit floor.

e) Residents on the floor can also use focus wired, wireless infrared detector, emergency button and other equipment indoors according to their own needs.

f) Several integrated color cameras with PTZ or intelligent high-speed ball machines are selected in the public places and parking lot of the community, which can monitor the situation outside the buildings and entertainment places in the community in an all-round way; The camera is protected by an integrated outdoor spherical cover, which is beautiful and elegant. The built-in omni-directional pan tilt enables the smallest number of cameras to monitor a more comprehensive range. Focus intelligent high-speed ball machine has stable performance, beautiful appearance, and a variety of models to choose from, which are the best choice for outdoor video monitoring.

g) Several day and night dual-purpose color / black-and-white cameras are set on the wall around the community to monitor the situation near the wall; Because it is a day and night dual-purpose camera, it is a color image in the daytime and automatically turns into a clearer black-and-white image when the light is dark at night, which overcomes the disadvantage that ordinary cameras can hardly see the image at night.

B. System features:

a) Monitor the main entrances and exits, main roads and other important areas of the community;

b) The monitoring system of the monitoring center shall adopt multimedia video display technology, which shall be controlled, managed and recorded by computer;

c) The entrance and exit video monitoring equipment can be linked with the alarm equipment, and the scene can be tracked and recorded in case of illegal intrusion;

d) The time, date, place and camera number prompt are set in the video monitoring system to facilitate event analysis and processing;

e) PTZ control; If the front end selects the intelligent spherical camera, the camera aperture, zoom, rotation and other adjustments can be realized.

f) Illegal intrusion, scene sound and light alarm function;

g) Support end-user 3G mobile online video browsing;

h) Digital network alarm video server supports local video recording function, even when the network is disconnected, it can still record and store information;

i) The digital matrix system has the function of group synchronous switching, which can divide all or part of the cameras into several groups, and each group of camera images can be switched to a group of monitors at the same time to realize real-time video monitoring and alarm linkage switching;

j) On site sound and light alarm function; A variety of systems are centralized in one platform for operation and control, and software is used to realize system linkage between the systems, so as to reduce the cost of hardware equipment.

(3) Security room alarm video management platform

A. Multi screen monitoring: 1 / 4 / 9 / 16 / 32 / 64 multi screen segmentation mode, easy to use.

B. Video recording and playback: any one way of video image display, video recording, playback, and multitasking are carried out at the same time. In order to enhance the flexibility of video recording, the software also provides a variety of video recording methods, including motion detection video recording, timing video recording, manual video recording, preset video recording, etc.

? Motion detection video: motion detection video is when the server detects the scene image movement, it automatically records the scene and stores the video information.

Timing video recording: timing video recording refers to setting the video recording time period in the software. When the system time enters the set time period, the image of this time period will be automatically recorded. In this way, the unattended system can also monitor normally (for example, during holidays, the video plan of holiday period can be set in advance, so that the system will automatically execute the video plan at that time)

? Manual recording: when using the manual recording mode, the user can control it more easily. When the user selects a channel, the recording will start, and after the cancellation, the recording will stop.

? Preset recording: the software supports the pre recording processing 1-60 seconds before the alarm is triggered.

C. Video backup and image backup: in the software, it can capture and save the video and image of any channel and any period of time, and save the selected video to the local hard disk. Text description can be added to the video or single frame image according to the demand.

D. Electronic map: the system supports embedding electronic map. According to the actual position of the physical equipment (camera) of the system, the simulated equipment picture of the equipment is placed on the pre drawn map. In the monitoring picture, the corresponding equipment can be found intuitively through the electronic map to support multiple electronic maps.

E. Remote control: the host and client can realize multipoint to multipoint interconnection; Unique dynamic IP resolution function; The client can monitor the video channels of different hosts at the same time; Powerful remote search function and remote local editing and backup function of remote data; Remote control pan tilt up and down left and right rotation, lens aperture, focal length, zoom adjustment.

(4) Control management platform

A. Management Office alarm video management center: the alarm video monitoring service center is established by using focus four networks in one alarm video management integrated management platform, and realizes remote alarm, video storage and browsing management functions by using PSTN + GSM + TCP / IP + 3G and other communication technologies.

B. The management center adopts EAVS alarm video management platform software, establishes system management server and streaming media forwarding server, so as to manage and transmit video alarm information to the whole system. The system server is installed with Windows operating system and EAVS alarm video management software, and equipped with large capacity hard disk or external storage device as required. As the operation platform of the monitoring and management center, the system server is mainly responsible for receiving, storing, analyzing, counting and querying the video, audio, alarm and data signals of the remote terminal, and mainly performs the management functions. Streaming media forwarding is to achieve the receiving and copying of streaming media, distribution and client command, in the client to view the campus situation. Functions of management center:

Support Chinese detailed alarm information display and alarm electronic map;

Multimedia audio sound prompt;

Alarm generation history can be classified or cross queried by time, alarm host and alarm defense area;

Sound or voice prompt after receiving alarm;

After receiving the alarm, the electronic map will pop up;

After receiving the alarm, the software window will pop up automatically to display the scene image of the front-end alarm;

The local images can be recorded locally in the software interface.

Support the playback of video files between local and remote EAVS video server.

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