In modern life, people pay more attention to their own health. In addition to users who need to closely monitor their blood sugar levels due to their own diseases, a considerable number of consumers have purchased blood glucose meters in order to prevent diseases or monitor their own health. Blood glucose meters are also often found in gifts for elders.

Blood glucose meter voice program design requirements:

1. Most of the users of the blood glucose meter are middle-aged and elderly people, and their eyesight has decreased. It is difficult to see the results after the test.

2. Reminders of some precautions in the operation process, such as disinfection, how to use, etc., need to correctly guide users to complete the blood sugar detection in a safe and standardized manner to avoid infection caused by some misoperations.

Application scheme of NV065B voice chip in blood glucose meter:

NV065B voice chip is the latest industrial-grade OTP voice chip suitable for factory mass production by Guangzhou Nine-Core Electronic Technology. It has many advantages such as low cost, stable performance, high sound quality, convenient control and simple circuit.

When the blood glucose meter is inserted into the NV065B voice chip, there will be a voice broadcast when each step of the operation is performed on the blood glucose meter. Moreover, the whole process of live voice broadcasts each test step, measurement result, and reading is clear and pleasant, so that the elderly can really hear and understand!

NV065B voice chip blood glucose meter voice content (entry can be customized):

l Please insert the test strip;

l The test strip is wrong;

l Please re-insert;

l Please add blood sample;

l start measuring;

l Please wait;

l End the measurement;

l The results of this measurement are:

l your blood sugar level;

l high;

l low;

l Please return the test slip;

l The battery is low, please replace the battery!

l Thanks for using;

l The instrument will shut down after 5 seconds, welcome to use it next time.

NV065B voice chip control mode:

NV065B voice chip has rich control methods. It is divided into key control module and MCU one-line serial port control mode. The key control module is divided into ON/OFF control, pulse repeatable trigger, pulse non-repeatable trigger, level hold trigger, level non-hold trigger, DOWN next track, and random segment trigger. When the IO port is assigned as the one-line trigger of the MCU, it cannot be triggered as a key at the same time.

NV065B voice chip pin diagram and pin correspondence table:



Features of NV065B voice chip:

l OTP storage format, fast production cycle, only one day at the fastest, no minimum order limit;

l Flexible multiple key operation modes and level output modes for selection (edge ​​key trigger, level trigger, random key play, sequential key play);

l Simple and convenient two-wire MCU serial port control mode, the user's main control MCU can control the trigger playback and stop of any segment of voice;

l Support 4 key triggers;

l Voice duration 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 65 seconds, 80 seconds, 115 seconds;

l Built-in set of PWM output can directly push 0.5W speakers;

l Flexible playback operation, saving voice space through combination, and a single data port can play up to 128 voice combinations;

l Beautiful sound quality, stable performance, high quality and low price;

l Built-in LVR self-reset circuit to ensure the normal operation of the chip;

l DIP8, SOP8 and COB are available in three packages, which are easy to use and flexible in application;

l The peripheral circuit is simple, only one coupling capacitor is needed;

l Operating voltage range: 1.6V ~ 4.5V (if 5V is powered, VDD needs to be connected in series with a diode 4148 to step down);

l Quiescent current: 2uA.

about us:

Guangzhou Jiuxin Electronics is a well-known voice chip solution provider in China, leading the era of intelligent voice "core"! The company is based on chip design, audio codec algorithm, intelligent AI algorithm research, and artificial intelligence and integration for audio playback and recognition. High-tech enterprise of circuit electronic products.

Nine-core Electronics relies on continuous optimization of its own audio codec algorithm and more advanced chip design to ensure high fidelity and high recognition rate of voice chips to meet the increasingly high technical requirements of customers in product applications.

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong

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