Security system has experienced a leap from “visible” to “clear”, and now “clear” development, “clear” is the eternal pursuit, but also the basis of “clear”, the same campus security also follows this development process. The IP monitoring system is based on the network, with the compression, transmission, storage and playing of digital video as the core, and with intelligent and practical image analysis as the feature, which leads to the technological revolution of the video monitoring industry, and is the inevitable choice for the expansion of the security system in Colleges and universities.

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., aiming at the actual application scene of university campus, has effectively refined and formed a complete application scheme of university campus security system construction, which escorts the security of university environment.

requirement analysis

Through the analysis of the school events, it can be seen that the lawless elements are basically forced to break into the campus or commit crimes at the school gate. It can be seen that each entrance and exit is one of the key areas of security work, and corresponding video monitoring and other measures must be adopted to achieve the function of prevention and timely reflection. In addition, criminals may invade the campus by abnormal means, such as climbing over the wall. Therefore, in order to take preventive measures and keep the first pass of security, we must also strengthen the security measures such as perimeter, such as video surveillance and perimeter prevention system.

Because the school is a densely populated area, and due to the fixed time of school leaving, the flow of people is explosive, so it is easy to stampede on the stairs and other parts. Therefore, in densely populated areas such as stairs, monitoring should also be strengthened. Once abnormal situation is found, the emergency plan can be taken immediately to effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents.

In view of some school places prone to fighting, such as the playground and other areas, we need to strengthen video surveillance. At the same time, the main road entrance of the school is also a high incidence of accidents, so it also needs to strengthen the management.

In order to effectively keep the property of students and schools, it is necessary to set up video monitoring system at the entrances and exits of the dormitory, some corridors, parking lots, bicycle sheds and other places to achieve the purpose of safe custody of property. At the same time, the entrances and exits of the dormitory are an important line of defense for the personal safety of teachers and students, and the corresponding safety monitoring must be strengthened.

The image of a single school’s monitoring system can only be saved in the school’s monitoring room, and the real-time viewing image can only be inside the school. The consequence is that the leaders and public security departments who need to know the scene can’t get the first-hand information at the first time, so they need to build the corresponding monitoring center for real-time monitoring, coordination, emergency command, and deployment in the monitoring center Security management platform system, to achieve unified management of equipment, users, unified scheduling and other functions, better for school management, emergency command and other services.

Overall system design

In the design of this system, a complete set of high availability network solution is proposed, taking full account of the system requirements of the video monitoring networking project. This solution is mainly divided into four parts: front-end system scheme, monitoring center, storage scheme and monitoring center platform. The video monitoring networking platform is the core system of this project.

1. System framework

Application scheme of campus security system in Dahua University

The system is divided into two layers, the upper layer is the general monitoring system of the school, and the basic layer is the campus monitoring system. The monitoring system includes video monitoring system, alarm system, campus bayonet system, campus access control system, campus patrol system, voice intercom system and other parts. The general monitoring center of the school can upload the relevant video signals to the monitoring center of the Municipal Education Committee or the Municipal Public Security Bureau through the network. In case of emergency, it can realize the collaborative work of multiple departments.

2. Topological diagram of overall system structure

The safe campus monitoring system based on the school’s existing network and new network construction to achieve pure network digital architecture. All the system construction adopts network HD cameras to provide high-quality images. The video signal of the front-end monitoring point is directly connected with the network switch through the IP camera, and is connected with the server of the monitoring center through the network. The server provides image information for each authorized user through the network, so as to realize the real digital video transmission system. The system adopts the back-end centralized storage mode to improve the management, real-time preview and control sensitivity of the system video image. The whole safe campus monitoring system is mainly composed of high-definition camera, alarm, access control, bayonet, centralized storage device and platform management software.

In order to make the monitoring system more stable and convenient for management. We integrate multiple monitoring subsystems into a set of monitoring system, which is managed by a unified server.

The security office of the monitoring center can browse all the images in real time, control the cloud mirror, query and replay the video, and download the video data.

Each sub control center only has the right to monitor the image of the area in real time.

Any computer on the network only needs to log in to the server with the authorization of the administrator to complete the control and browsing of each monitoring point in the network (sub control center or client). Compared with the traditional monitoring, it has obvious advantages, no need to rewire, and the front-end monitoring point is easy to expand. As long as there is a network, monitoring points can be set.

Detailed system design

The system design mainly includes video monitoring, alarm, campus bayonet, access control, patrol, voice intercom and other functions. Each function can work independently and combine organically to form a comprehensive protection system.

1. Video monitoring subsystem

The video monitoring subsystem is the basis of the whole campus security system construction. According to the different campus monitoring areas, the network HD infrared hemispherical camera and network HD infrared gun camera are selected to monitor the fixed area, and the network HD infrared spherical camera is used to patrol and focus on monitoring a wide range of areas

The entrance and exit of the school gate, the intersection of the campus trunk road and other areas are mixed with people, and the traffic flow is large, so the network high-definition infrared ball machine is generally used; the entrance and exit of the administrative building, teaching building and dormitory are installed with high-definition infrared hemisphere camera, and the main corridor is installed with high-definition infrared gun camera; the monitoring point is set around the campus wall, and the high-definition infrared gun camera is installed.

In addition, the construction of campus commanding height and monitoring of the whole campus will play a very important role in dealing with road safety, initial fire and other emergencies.

2. Visual alarm subsystem

The alarm system is used for the detection and prevention of the alarm situation in the protection area. The video monitoring system monitors the situation of the whole campus in real time. The access control system controls the entrances and exits of the office building, dormitory, office building and other buildings. Each system complements each other to form a campus security barrier. Therefore, only when the video monitoring system is linked with intrusion alarm system and fire protection system, can the security ability be more effective.

The design of the alarm subsystem includes the following contents:

1) Campus perimeter alarm

2) Campus important indoor intrusion alarm

3) Campus public area fire alarm

There are many people and a wide range of places on campus. There are often unexpected conflicts between students, internal and external, and so on. There have also been cases of disturbance, theft, following girls and other cases with adverse effects on campus. However, whenever the incident happens, the traditional security system becomes a crowd of onlookers and can’t stop it. Therefore, it is inevitable to achieve a safe University Need to have a complete and efficient alarm system.

Therefore, the scheme design will use the advantages of network equipment to set up campus alarm points in the campus. In case of emergency, students can directly contact the campus security monitoring center at the nearest campus alarm point for the first time. In the monitoring process, the victim’s target will be quickly locked, and the environment near the victim will be monitored. The suspects will be quickly tracked, and the security department and other relevant departments will be responsible We will also rush to the scene at the first time.

3. Visual campus access control system

Campus access control system has brought great convenience to the management of various places that need to be controlled. It not only controls the invasion of illegal personnel, but also records the behavior time of legal personnel, and improves the level of security management.

In the system design, network access control is adopted, and the integration of video system and access control system is realized. Visual access control system, swipe card linkage video, swipe card linkage video capture, video recording and illegal swipe card linkage alarm are realized.

System transmission

In the transmission design, the system makes full use of the school’s original network optical fiber resources. In the aspect of network bandwidth, the access switch can be added in the design, the bandwidth required for video can be calculated in the network center room according to the actual system construction scale, and the core switch backplane and related network equipment can be added to ensure that it can bear the network demand; In the aspect of network security, firewall and intrusion detection equipment are added at the exit of campus network to prevent external illegal intrusion. Through special line and VPN, it is forced to separate from daily office management affairs, so as to truly achieve private network.

Campus monitoring center

Regional sub control center is an important part of the whole monitoring system, which has the highest jurisdiction and management authority. The regional control and monitoring system is mainly composed of central management server, web server, database server, active registration server, forwarding server, LCD splicing display wall, network equipment and monitoring terminal.

School monitoring center

The general control center is the core part of the whole monitoring system, with the highest jurisdiction and management authority. The general control center is mainly composed of central management server, web server, database server, active registration server, forwarding server, LCD splicing display wall, network equipment and monitoring terminal

Concluding remarks

Based on the network technology, video coding technology is increasingly updated, campus security system has been gradually facing the development of network and high definition, and integrated with the peripheral security subsystem outside the video monitoring system, plus the application of intelligent analysis technology, to form a comprehensive and practical management system.

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