Modern factories pay great attention to efficiency and industrial integration. The scale of the factory has become larger and larger, and the working order of the factory also affects the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Therefore, in addition to establishing a scientific management system for the factory, it is very necessary to establish a comprehensive and convenient monitoring system for the public security management, safety protection and factory.

In the past era of rapid economic growth, frequent safety accidents occurred in factories, which made managers tired to deal with. The comprehensive grasp of the situation of the factory made managers waste a lot of valuable time on factory inspection and troubleshooting every day. The solution designed by AXA International’s factory network video monitoring system according to the characteristics of the work can completely extricate the managers from their daily worries, and combine with the long-term centralized monitoring situation to scientifically improve the operation process of the enterprise.

1、 Application requirement analysis of factory video monitoring system

The network video monitoring system deployed in the factory needs to have the centralized remote video monitoring and management of the workers in the production workshop, so that managers can easily achieve the purpose of monitoring without entering the monitoring room. And the production task and plan are improved according to the labor intensity of workers. At the same time, it can monitor the key areas of the factory to prevent irrelevant personnel from contacting the dangerous areas and valuable assets storage areas. The front-end camera cooperates with the alarm probe and warning equipment to trigger the event and timely remind the security and department responsible personnel to deal with the emergency. Factory monitoring should also monitor and alarm the environment around the factory. The whole monitoring system should be easy to operate, easy to use, and can store video continuously for a long time.

From the perspective of video monitoring area, the video monitoring system of the factory mainly includes the following requirements:

1. Carry out 7-day inspection on the production workshop × 24-hour real-time monitoring, and can provide centralized video monitoring screen for workshop leaders and factory leaders

2. Monitor the safety of key areas, and focus on video monitoring of dangerous equipment, flammable and explosive production links to ensure safety

3. Conduct video monitoring on all behaviors in and out of the warehouse, supplemented by linkage alarm and video recording

4. It is convenient for leaders to monitor the situation of the plant at any time and support mobile phone monitoring and remote centralized management

5. The security room can monitor the environment around the plant area and give an alarm

6. It can record and store continuously for a long time

7. According to the operation needs of the factory owner and the security guard, it is easy to operate and manage

2、 Solution of factory video monitoring system

Application requirements and design scheme analysis of factory video monitoring system

Network monitoring front end defense area

The places that need to be protected for factory monitoring include entrances and exits, production workshops, office buildings, fences around the factory, important passages in the factory, factory warehouses, etc

1. The pedestrian flow in and out of the gate is complex, which is the key protection area in the factory monitoring. The network infrared gun barrel camera a812 is installed near the guard room to monitor the personnel access and registration;

2. Infrared waterproof gun barrel a812-cp886 is installed at the entrance of dormitory and office to monitor the entry and exit of personnel

3. The financial room is equipped with network infrared conch hemisphere a825-cp846 for indoor prevention and monitoring

4. The entrance and exit of the warehouse are monitored by the infrared waterproof gun barrel a812-cp886, and the door magnetism and infrared probe are used for linkage alarm.

5. Install a812-cp886 in the production, processing, assembly and finished product workshops of the factory, which is used to monitor the production and processing links of the workshop and facilitate the leaders to understand the actual production and labor discipline of the employees anytime and anywhere

6. In the canteen, a825-cp846 is used to monitor the operation room, so as to effectively monitor the food safety of the factory canteen.

7. According to the distance and area, the factory wall is equipped with network high-speed ball a802 and infrared detector for real-time and video monitoring, so as to ensure the safety of public and personal property more closely; When the alarm occurs, the alarm linkage is carried out, and the network high-speed ball automatically and quickly turns to the area where the alarm occurs for tracking and video monitoring.

8. Set up monitoring points inside the elevator. For the situation that the network cable is not well distributed inside the elevator, we can use the simulated hemisphere camera and network video server to achieve.

Construction of transmission network for network video monitoring system

The transmission part is the channel of image signal, sound signal and control signal. According to the specific situation of far transmission, we use network transmission mode combined with optical fiber transmission mode. Aiming at the problem of limited network transmission of 100 meters, multi port network switch is adopted.

Adopt 1000 m switch, or 100 m switch, or mixed

The 1000m switch is used in the core network / backbone network / inter building / inter floor channel. Each 1000m switch line can actually carry about 200Mbps of actual data. According to the maximum bandwidth of 1-1.5m required by each webcam, certain redundancy is calculated and thrown out. The 1000m switch line can carry about 64-128 webcams working at the same time without congestion

The channel in the floor uses 100m switch, and each 100m switch line can carry about 8 to 24 network cameras working at the same time without congestion

Storage video

The centralized management center is equipped with vidiclient client for up to 64 channels of video omni-directional monitoring and storage recording. It adopts the dual mechanism of management software recording and NAS recording, and adopts the means of combining distributed storage and centralized storage. NAS distributed storage stores the 24-hour video of each class for a long time, while vidiclient records the security of the public area comprehensively. At the same time, the guard room and the management center are equipped with the management client, vidiclient, which can carry out real-time monitoring.

Network flow calculation of medium Internet network monitoring based on network camera

1Mbps=1000 × 1kbps (M means millions, K means thousands, B means bits to calculate network bandwidth, PS means per second)

1byte = 8b (byte is the byte used to calculate the storage capacity of the hard disk)

1G=1000M=1000 × 1000K

1 channel D1 real-time uncompressed analog video data flow: 124mbps (the following three groups of reference data are the same video data, restore SNR and effect)

The video data flow of one channel D1 real-time MJPEG compression is 16mbps

1 channel D1 real-time MPEG-4 compressed video data flow: 2Mbps

1 channel D1 real-time H.264 compressed video data flow: 0.8mbps

1 channel D1 real-time H.264 compressed video data storage: 360m (byte) per hour, 8.6g (byte) per day, 60g for 7 days and 24 hours

4-channel D1 real-time H.264 compressed video data storage: 240g in 7 days and 24 hours, 500g in 15 days and 24 hours

8-channel D1 real-time H.264 compressed video data storage: 480g in 7 days and 24 hours, 1000g in 15 days and 24 hours (i.e. 1t)

The 16 channel D1 real-time H.264 compressed video data storage is: 1000g (1t) in 7 days and 24 hours, 2000g (2t) in 15 days and 24 hours

If all the storage uses the centralized monitoring and storage of the network, the adaptive bandwidth of the ADSL network is calculated

8-way D1 network centralized monitoring H.264 compressed video data storage: About 250g in 7 days and 24 hours, about 500g in 15 days and 24 hours

The compressed video data storage of 16 channel D1 network centralized monitoring H.264 is: About 500g in 7 days and 24 hours, about 1000g in 15 days and 24 hours (i.e. 1t)

Display device

The management center adopts a 42 inch LCD with VGA interface, and the guard room is equipped with a 19 inch LCD. Combined with our vidiclient, it can display 1, 4, 9, 10, 13, 16, 32 and 64 full pictures

3、 Performance characteristics of factory network video monitoring system

1. Network, through the computer network, truly any time, any place, any scene can be video surveillance.

2. Network storage, the combination of local storage and remote storage, and combined with NAS to do distributed storage and centralized management.

3. High reliability, all equipment are industrial embedded system.

4. High definition, all monitoring video quality adopts DVD level compression quality, that is, all network cameras are D1 compressed.

5. Easy to operate, easy to use.

6. Complete monitoring and management functions, including mobile phone monitoring, alarm, PTZ control, capture, video, linkage, etc.

7. Information security, security authentication, authority, etc. ensure that the Security Department of factory monitoring system is destroyed and used beyond authority.

8. Effective use of bandwidth, mobile phone monitoring and remote monitoring only occupy a small amount of ADSL uplink bandwidth, saving the factory access network bandwidth.

9. Scalability, all using IP network transmission, adding monitoring nodes becomes as simple as adding IP address.

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