With the development of clinical informatization, hospitals are gradually realizing paperless, filmless and wireless. Wireless local area network (WLAN) is quietly changing the mode of medical service.

In recent years, on the basis of improving medical quality and ensuring medical safety, providing more humanized medical services to patients has become one of the most important objectives of the hospital, which urges hospitals at home and abroad to improve efficiency and accuracy, prevent and reduce medical accidents, and provide high-quality humanized services.

Application of wireless application in hospital ward monitoring

However, due to the special occasions of the hospital, ordinary patients and even medical professional institutions have worried about whether the wireless layout in the hospital is appropriate?

In fact, the medical wireless construction mainly faces three major problems:

Ecological environment safety: when wireless equipment is close to doctors and patients, and there are many wireless devices, whether it will bring harm to human body, whether there is ionizing radiation, etc.

But in fact, the state has stipulated that the transmission power of wireless devices is not allowed to be greater than 100MW. Therefore, the maximum transmission power of wireless devices on the market is 20dbm, which is lower than the radiation of mobile phone terminals. There is no need to worry about affecting the health of patients.

Application of wireless application in hospital ward monitoring

Medical equipment safety: medical equipment plays an important role in modern medical treatment, while electronic medical equipment has the technical risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI), which has plagued the process of hospital information construction.

However, according to the professional institutions to the hospital commonly used relatively sensitive to electromagnetic interference of 25 kinds of medical equipment, wireless LAN electromagnetic wave potential interference to medical equipment test research, the test found that the correct deployment of wireless LAN in the hospital will not produce adverse interference to medical equipment.

Application of wireless application in hospital ward monitoring

Information and data security: a large number of experiments have proved that the use of microwave oven will slow down the speed of data transmission by 280k / s. In addition, wireless LAN, frequency hopping equipment, spread spectrum equipment, etc., will slow down the speed of data transmission. So does medical equipment cause information interference to wireless transmission equipment and cause wrong data?

In fact, the problem of information security is more emphasized in the software protocol stack, as long as the security performance is strengthened in the protocol stack. Naturally, different wireless communication protocols have different security.

Application of wireless application in hospital ward monitoring

Lora, which combines digital spread spectrum, digital signal processing and forward error correction coding technology, has unprecedented performance. Previously, only those high-level industrial radio communications will integrate these technologies. With the introduction of Lora, the situation in the field of embedded wireless communication has changed completely.

Table 1 Comparison of Wi Fi, Lora and ZigBee wireless solutions

Application of wireless application in hospital ward monitoring

Zhiyuan electronics adopts Lora modulation technology from military communication system, combined with unique spectrum broadening processing technology, develops and designs an industrial grade Lora network transparent transmission module, which is widely loved by customers once it is launched.

Application of wireless application in hospital ward monitoring

Transparent transmission protocol is used in the transparent transmission module of lm400tu network, which seems to build an invisible transmission line between modules. Users do not need to understand the complex wireless transmission protocol, can quickly realize the network construction, reduce the installation cost and construction complexity to the greatest extent. Looking forward to your consultation!


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