Background overview

Video communication plays an important role in school security and teaching system. In the current situation, most school campus security and teaching monitoring system as two separate systems, there are many problems. For example, monitoring resources cannot be shared, management is decentralized, operation efficiency and equipment utilization are low. Some schools are looking for more efficient and convenient solutions. Among them, the vc3 integrated visual command and dispatch system developed by Beijing huaweixun company has become an applicable solution for school applications.

Vc3 visual emergency command and dispatch system is a three in one all-round access platform integrating video conference, video monitoring, command and dispatch. In the aspect of combining with the existing monitoring system, it provides a variety of video monitoring access interfaces, which can easily connect and manage with different monitoring systems. At the same time, it also provides an optimization scheme to upgrade the monitoring system after networking to command and dispatch. It not only protects the original investment but also keeps the system advanced. It realizes the unified management of video command and scheduling and various communication services. The successful application of vc3 system in the campus once again accumulated the successful experience of the campus, which has universal reference significance for the application and promotion of vc3 in various schools.

Scheme structure

Around the overall goal of campus construction, a monitoring teaching system covering the key security areas of university teaching area is built by using vc3 video command and scheduling platform. The biggest feature of this system is that it integrates one-way monitoring, two-way communication and teaching demonstration. Its structure is as follows

Application of vc3 integrated visual command and dispatch system in Campus

Control center subsystem

The control center subsystem is deployed in the headquarters computer room, which is composed of core integrated video switch, streaming media forwarding service and video recording server. The main functions of the subsystem are: to complete the signaling and control information exchange, scheduling and system management. The control center subsystem is the core equipment of the platform. According to the application scale, it can cascade the core equipment of the control center to meet the large-scale application.

Monitoring front terminal system

The terminal system before monitoring consists of environmental monitoring device, network camera and DVS or DVR, which is deployed at important monitoring points. The main function is: through the network camera installed on the scene, realize the collection and coding of the audio and video data on the scene, and upload the encoded data to the system.

User terminal subsystem

The sub-system of the sub control center is composed of terminals, audio and video input devices (cameras, microphones, etc.) and audio and video output devices (TV sets, speakers, etc.), which are deployed in the relevant office areas. The main function is: through the command and dispatch terminal to realize the audio and video two-way communication between the headquarters and various subordinate departments, video conference can be held, regular meetings and command and dispatch can be carried out. Through the monitoring terminal in the duty room, the staff can monitor and record the whole process of petroleum and petrochemical facilities. Users can also record / play video according to the requirements of the actual network environment. The network video matrix can be added according to the needs to cooperate with the TV wall and large screen system.

Scheme function

Closely around the overall goal of the construction of military digital campus, the project uses vc3 video command and scheduling platform to build a monitoring teaching system covering the key security areas in the teaching area of National Defense University. Different from the traditional campus monitoring system, the biggest feature of this system is to integrate one-way monitoring, two-way communication and teaching demonstration.

1. Real time video interactive teaching

For example, experts and scholars who teach in academic lecture hall can communicate with teachers and students in other classrooms face to face through the system, so as to improve teaching efficiency and effect.

2. Integrated training video tuning

Through the system, the classroom, training ground and even the field exercise site are connected as a whole, and combined with the local situation of military exercises, the strategy and campaign exercises are carried out. The director department, the participants of both sides and the on-site coordination personnel realize the close combination of classroom theory teaching with actual combat, actual loading and live ammunition action through multi-party two-way video full interaction.

3. Daily administration visualization management

With the help of multiple levels and authority mode settings of the system, the teaching command and control center can issue teaching instructions or orders to the teaching staff in the sub control center and the classroom through the command and dispatching terminal to implement collaborative teaching.

4. Video teaching monitoring management

In the main control center and the sub control center, the teaching commanders can flexibly switch the on-site video images of the teaching place, control the PTZ and the camera, conveniently combine and display the video images of one to sixteen channels, support the two-way voice visual intercom, and monitor the teaching and examination process in real time.

5. Digital audio and video teaching

The main control center and sub control center are equipped with video server, which can track and record the whole process of teaching and examination, and can be used to evaluate the teaching quality, regular teaching and examination order. Users are authorized to query and retrieve video files at any time according to the terminal name, recording time, recording location and video event characteristics, and play the required video images remotely.

6. Multi screen display of TV wall

The main control center and sub control center are equipped with network video matrix, which can browse and monitor multi-channel video images at will, and display them in real time through the large screen TV wall. If there are many monitoring teaching places, various image display polling schemes can be set according to the needs to ensure the real-time display of monitoring points, which is convenient for the system administrator to command and control uniformly, and can be used for classroom and examination room monitoring.

7. Realize security management

Establish a security sub control center in the hospital duty room, which is responsible for the video monitoring of important targets and public places in the camp to ensure the public safety in the hospital. When necessary, the duty room and the watchman can interact with each other.

Vc3 features

In technology, vc3 platform can access the video monitoring system of many domestic and international manufacturers and realize centralized monitoring and unified management; it can access the video conference system and realize the interconnection with video conference; it can access the telephone voice system and realize the two-way voice communication with fixed line telephone and mobile phone; It can access the display data of various application systems and realize centralized display and centralized supervision, so as to achieve all-round access, all-round scheduling, all-round integration and all-round presentation of various video and voice systems. Technically, vc3 platform has the following four “omnipotent” features:

Universal access: access to video surveillance, video conference, VOIP phone, wireless audio and video, professional video, etc.

All round dispatching: realize real-time dispatching and emergency disposal of voice, video and data.

All around integration: realize the unified control, unified management and interconnection of the platform.

Omnipotent presentation: multi service transparent collection, remote transmission and centralized display.

Around the general goal of digital campus construction, relying on the teaching command center of the new comprehensive office building, based on the current situation of the video monitoring system construction of National Defense University, following the national military standards, adopting the system engineering construction method, adhering to the principle of overall design and unified standards, through the integration, reconstruction and comprehensive integration, the vc3 teaching command and monitoring system with multiple functions is established, Realize the intelligent management and visual control of teaching and research activities.

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