With the continuous popularization of UAV application, police UAV has been widely used in the police field, especially in the event of emergencies or catastrophic violence, and has achieved good results. Some domestic UAV enterprises have also devoted themselves to the research and development of police security UAV. The following small series will introduce you to the application of police UAV.

At present, there are many prediction data for UAV industry, some for hardware sales, some for software and service market, and some for a specific field Although the numbers are different, they all prove the same phenomenon: the UAV industry has developed.

Now when it comes to UAVs, the first thing people think of may no longer be the U.S. military and predators, but Amazon’s prime air, Google’s project wing, or Facebook’s Aquila. However, when these business giants frequently make gimmicks, a number of government units represented by the fire department have steadily carried out UAV testing, and even have really begun to use them.

Some experts have pointed out that the application prospect of police and fire-fighting UAVs paid by the government is considerable, but due to technical and legal restrictions, large-scale procurement at the national level can not be realized temporarily. At present, it is mainly trial or small-scale procurement by local government units.

Application of alt4517711280604160 UAV in police security field

Application of UAV in Police Security

Assist traffic police to build a smart city

The role of UAV in traffic management mainly includes three points:

1、 Aerial photography of the accident scene to realize picture restoration.

Traffic control can use the UAV to obtain an intuitive picture, so as to accurately grasp the last position of the vehicle involved, more quickly restore the scene of the traffic accident, and provide data support for the identification of accident responsibility.

2、 Clear the road and remove the blockage quickly.

In case of highway congestion or major accident, the stranded vehicles may be up to several kilometers long, and it is difficult for manpower to reach the core area in a short time to find the problem, while UAV can quickly collect complete on-site information, clarify the blocking points and promote the dredging work. For example, during the golden week in October this year, a traffic accident occurred on a highway in Wuhan, leaving vehicles stranded for nearly two kilometers. With the assistance of UAV, the road will be unblocked within 20 minutes.

3、 Traffic statistics and optimize traffic management.

UAV can collect all-round high-altitude video at main intersections and important road sections and store it for long-term use for big data analysis, so as to facilitate the traffic police department to make adjustments according to long-term traffic conditions, such as resetting the timing of intersection signal lights to improve traffic efficiency.

According to media reports, traffic police departments in Chongzuo, Guangxi, Jing’an, Jiangxi, Wuhan, Hubei, Jinan, Shandong, Baoji, Shaanxi and Shaoxing, Zhejiang have used UAVs to assist traffic management.

Help firefighters achieve scientific rescue

Safe operation is always the first priority of fire rescue. Multi rotor UAV has the ability of vertical take-off and landing, and is generally small in size. Therefore, it can often be deployed quickly to take aerial photos of unknown sites.

The theoretical role of fire rescue UAV can still be summarized into three points:

1、 Shoot in advance to provide information support for follow-up human work.

2、 Spray water to extinguish the fire.

3、 For aerial photography after fire fighting, it is necessary to find a hot area to avoid re ignition.

Around July this year, north of the Canada US border, the British Columbia wildfire Rescue Department, together with local UAV manufacturers, tested the mapping capability of UAVs at the fire scene. During this period, three UAVs equipped with thermal infrared equipment flew over the extinguished fire site to scan the surface, so as to find the potentially dangerous hot area and avoid the recurrence of the fire.

In October this year, a K-MAX unmanned helicopter demonstrated its fire fighting capability to federal officials near Boise, Idaho. In the one and a half hour demonstration, the UAV completed seven tasks, including bailing and target delivery. U.S. Interior Department officials have said that UAV helicopters may participate in fire rescue work next summer.

The potential of assisting the police in handling cases needs to be tapped

The application of UAV in criminal field is still in the initial test stage. A British police officer once pointed out that UAVs can be used to aerial photograph crime scenes, combat wildlife poachers, and even play a role in dangerous gun activities, so as to help the police obtain important information, efficient and safe.

At present, Devon and Cornwall police have carried out a six-month unmanned test, and specially created an official twitter account to help people better understand the role of UAVs in law enforcement.

The adoption of UAVs by government units is an encouragement to the whole industry. However, if we want to achieve a wide range of applications at the national level, we may have to overcome many technical problems. For example, the fire survey UAV needs to be resistant to high temperature, the fire-fighting UAV must have sufficient load capacity, and the police UAV is best able to operate day and night and all-weather.


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