The “2019 China (Nanjing) International UAV system industry conference” hosted by Nanjing Pukou District People’s government and jointly organized by the Management Committee of Nanjing Pukou high tech Industrial Development Zone and OFweek, China’s high tech industry portal, was held in Nanjing. The conference brings together authoritative academicians, experts, scholars and representatives of well-known UAV system enterprises at home and abroad. With the theme of “new trends, new challenges and new opportunities”, it focuses on the national policies, development trends, main control chips, hardware, flight control system, camera monitoring system Solutions and other forward-looking technologies upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Li Dajian, researcher of Xi’an Aisheng technology group and deputy general manager of Xi’an Aisheng UAV Technology Co., Ltd., brought a wonderful report with the theme of “Application of UAVs in emergency rescue”.

UAV is a globally recognized strategic emerging industry. With the breakthrough of relevant technologies, it has been applied to varying degrees in many civil fields, such as agricultural plant protection, surveying and mapping, pipeline inspection, police security, logistics and transportation, film and television aerial photography and so on. Due to the significant advantages of zero casualties, simple operation and maintenance, easy transportation, low cost and easy low altitude operation, UAV is especially suitable for the field of emergency rescue.

In 2009, 27 academicians of the two academies jointly put forward the proposal on establishing a national aviation emergency rescue system to the CPC Central Committee. After 10 years of development, great progress has been made in the construction of China’s aviation emergency rescue system, but there are still some problems, such as small number of rescue equipment, incomplete rescue models and imperfect infrastructure. In emergency rescue, UAV can be used for communication relay and monitoring, personnel search and rescue and transfer, material transportation and delivery, fire fighting and decontamination, biochemical detection and disaster assessment. It can effectively make up for the weak links of China’s aviation rescue system and is a powerful supplement and improvement to the existing rescue equipment system.

Taking several typical applications of UAV in aviation emergency rescue as examples, this report introduces in detail the air ground integrated information acquisition system with emergency mapping as the core, the emergency logistics system for the transportation of UAV bulk materials and personnel and the last kilometer transportation of special materials, and the emergency communication guarantee of UAV carrying air base station. In particular, the application of UAV in emergency surveying and mapping can quickly obtain on-site image and video data, build a real three-dimensional model, carry out disaster assessment and prediction, provide guarantee for the command department to obtain on-site information at the first time, and have high social and economic benefits. In addition, in emergency rescue, UAV can also be used in traffic supervision, personnel search and rescue, environmental monitoring, meteorological detection, regional security, lighting, etc.

Finally, Li Dajian introduced Xi’an Aisheng UAV Technology Co., Ltd. Aisheng UAV company is a high-tech company mainly engaged in UAV System R & D, sales and service. It is committed to providing users with advanced UAV products, integrated avionics system, intelligent information processing and satisfactory UAV system solutions. It is also the only “National Engineering Research Center of UAV system” and “Shaanxi UAV system innovation center” in China Supporting unit of the company. It has independently developed lq-216 series UAV, lq-218 series UAV, asn-209 series UAV, anti radiation UAV, anti UAV, trap jammer and other products. Master a number of industry core technologies and have formed more than 20 industry application solutions in the civil field. The lq-218 UAV platform developed by Aisheng UAV company has the technical characteristics of low take-off and landing site requirements, heavy load, long flight time, high altitude take-off and landing, high ceiling, low temperature resistance and convenient use. It has been applied in many fields, which can make up for the gap in the application field of the rare shortage of plateau aircraft in China. It is especially suitable for emergency mapping, emergency transportation, emergency communication Artificially affect the weather, etc.

Aisheng UAV company hopes to work with top talents and enterprises in the industry to jointly help the brilliant development of UAV industry in China.

About Nanjing Pukou UAV industry chain

The UAV industry in Pukou District of Nanjing has achieved rapid development in recent years. The UAV industry system has been basically established. The investment in engines, chips, fuselage structural parts, high-precision navigation, flight control, camera monitoring and upstream and downstream industrial chain has significantly accelerated, and the industrial development trend is good.

There are more than 200 UAV related enterprises in Nanjing. In 2019, the output value of UAV industry in the city is expected to reach 3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%. Nanjing has gathered universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, China Southern Airlines, China Southern Polytechnic University and Dongda, as well as scientific research institutes such as Institute of automation, 14 institutes and 55 Institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Horizon, Keyuan, Yijiahe, Chengmai, TSMC, Ziguang group, Weimeng electronics, aoyi weiteng, Zhongshan aviation and other key enterprises. Pukou District is a key UAV industrial base in Nanjing. Relying on the UAV platform of China Southern Airlines and more than 50 UAV enterprises in the District, the development attraction is strengthened and the regional agglomeration effect is emerging.

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