This paper describes the system composition, main technical parameters and control scheme of the carton packaging machine, and the design scheme of the carton board supply process. Applied to this device, it communicates with all drive servos through a field bus in the form of CAN. And the advantages of this control system are explained.


With the increasing development of packaging technology, the number of packaging electronic equipment continues to increase, which brings about the problem that a large number of signals in the packaging integrated control system need to be exchanged in real time. Traditional wiring harnesses are far from meeting this requirement. Controller area network (CAN) is used. However, the CAN bus only defines the physical layer and the data link layer in the Open System Interconnection Reference Model (OSI), and the general user must directly operate the link layer with the driver, which cannot directly meet the configuration and product requirements of complex control networks. interconnection requirements. CANopen, as a truly open CAN high-level protocol, enables different CAN devices to communicate in a standardized way, making CAN devices interoperable. With the improvement of CANopen protocol, it has been widely used in many industries.

The packaging form of heat shrinkable film has the characteristics of safety, reliability, easy transportation and sales, and has been widely used in the domestic beverage industry. However, in the production process of beer, the glass bottle used in the production process of beer is vulnerable to damage after collision. Due to the limitations of the packaging form using heat shrinkable film, it cannot completely solve the production needs of the beer industry and other related glass bottle packaging industries. Therefore, the use of carton packaging is a high-grade and high-standard packaging for beverages and beer, and it is also easy to solve the problems caused by long-distance transportation, effectively making up for the defects of heat shrinkable film packaging. The two complement each other and are modern beverages and beer. Two indispensable forms of packaging in the packaging industry.

In the past, my country’s carton packaging machines have always been at the level of packaging capacity of 35 cases/min, which can only meet the needs of 20,000 bottles/h of beverage and beer packaging production lines. This paper improves and upgrades the existing cartoning machine technology, absorbs the characteristics of domestic and foreign cartoning machines, and uses the servo motion control system to successfully develop a fully automatic carton packaging machine with a production capacity of 60 cases/min, which effectively solves the problem. Production needs of the beverage and beer industries.

1. Technical structure and working principle of paper packaging machine

1.1 The composition of the control system

Ke Shimin’s R60 carton packaging machine adopts B&R (B&R) control system. The main control PLC uses CP476 to communicate with all drive servos through the field bus in the form of CAN. The host computer panel adopts PP451, which is also through CAN bus. way to connect, and use EX470 to expand remote IO.

Figure 1 B&R control system diagram of carton packaging machine

Set the IP address number of the upper PP451 to 01; the CAN bus address number of the 3IF771.9 communication card is set to 09; the address number of the CAN bus of the servo driver that pushes down the bottle is set to 01; the address number of the CAN bus of the servo driver of the bottle divider 1 Set to 02; set the CAN field bus address of the servo driver of the bottle divider 2 to 03; set the CAN bus address of the servo driver at the outlet to 04; set the address number of the CAN bus of the suction board servo driver to 05; The CAN bus address is set to C6; the CAN bus address set on each device and the address set on the device must be absolutely correct, otherwise the control system will not operate normally. Under normal circumstances, after the control system is powered on, the CAN communication indicator of the IF771 will flash rapidly, and the two communication indicators of the AC110 communication card on each servo drive will also remain on. normal.

1.2 Composition and working principle of automatic carton packaging machine

The automatic carton packaging machine mainly includes: bottle conveying, cardboard supply, carton board taking, carton board conveying, bottle splitting, bottle pushing, carton folding and forming, carton sealing and gluing, and glue spraying.

Carton board supply is mainly composed of carton board storage, carton board horizontal conveying, carton board waiting station, carton board supply auxiliary fork, carton board supply main fork and detection switch. Its main function is to complete the supply of carton boards to the packaging machine, and the supply of carton boards to the high-speed packaging machine should be continuous to make the supply of carton boards smoother.

The bottle conveying is mainly divided into two parts, one part is to control the running speed of the motor through the frequency converter, the bottles on the conveyor line are conveyed regularly according to the requirements, and the continuous supply of bottles is guaranteed by the lack of bottle detection; the other part is driven by the main driver. Mechanical part conveying. Bottle conveying is carried out according to the running speed of the main motor.

The cardboard pick-up is driven by a servo motor, and runs synchronously with the spindle motor in the form of a driven shaft. Two sets of suction cups are installed. The two sets of suction cups act alternately to pick up the cardboard, so as to achieve the function of high-speed cardboard picking. The bottle separation is controlled by the servo motors of No. 1 and No. 2 bottles and the main drive motor, and the bottles are sequentially divided into 3×4 groups.

The cardboard conveying part is to transfer the sucked cardboard to the bottle loading position through several stations, which is powered by the main drive. The detection of double-layer cardboard and lack of cardboard is mainly used to ensure the supply of cardboard.

The main function of the bottle pushing part is for sorting after the bottle is divided. The bottle is pushed down with the bottle push rod. When the bottle passes through the unpowered transition board, the bottle is closely arranged, thereby improving the quality of the packaging.

The carton is folded, glued and sealed to complete the packaging of beverage or beer. According to the structure of the carton, the exact position of glue spraying is determined, and the sealing of the carton is adjusted appropriately to ensure the sealing quality. Figure 2 shows the working flow chart of the paper bagging machine.

Figure 2 Production flow chart of R60 automatic carton packaging machine

2. Control system design

2.1 Main Controller

The main controller mainly controls the analog quantity control, sensor control, light source control, transmission control, positioning control, pneumatic control, process parameters, process, operation failure, product quality and safety protection. The PLC programmable logic controller and related auxiliary systems are used to complete the real-time and accurate control of the system.

2.2 Multi-motor synchronization technology and servo technology

The packaged items are conveyed through the main transmission system, and the auxiliary materials of various packages are conveyed through the supply system. The mutual actions between them need to be coordinated and the control should be consistent. The multi-motor servo control system is controlled by PLC. The detection between each station of the machine equipment is completed by the proximity switch of each peripheral station, so as to realize the input of non-contact signals and the coordinated action of electricity, light, machine and gas of the control system. By moderately adjusting the positions of the bottle divider and the sealing, gluing, and shaping cylinders, the packaging of cartons of different specifications can be carried out.

2.3 Operating System Design

Through the application of frequency conversion technology and human-machine interface, the packaging equipment can be controlled to run at different speeds in different working modes such as manual, automatic and debugging modes. The inverter communicates through the RS-485 interface, and the relevant parameters can be displayed and set on the man-machine interface.

3. Control system scheme

The automatic carton packaging machine control system mainly includes: PP451 human-machine interface, motion controller EX470, detection components, servo drives, executive components and servo motors. The motion controller EX470 controls the servo driver through the CAN bus, and completes the real-time control of the servo motor.

The running detection of the machine position and the packaging cycle are set by servo control. An encoder is installed on one side of the servo motor, which forms a closed-loop control with the servo motor according to the pulse feedback signal received from the rotary encoder. The encoder selects the incremental encoder. The data is transmitted to the EX470 through the encoder interface, and the received data is processed to indicate the actual operating position of the machine. During the packing process of the carton, the bottle pushing rod pushes out a group of bottles to complete the packaging. A detection switch is installed on the side where the bottle pushing rod passes, and the encoder data recorded by the EX470 is used to clear the data. In each packaging cycle, the position data of the actions of taking out the cardboard, putting the cardboard and dividing the bottle are compared with the encoder data in the EX470 one by one, and each action of the machine is controlled according to the compared data.

3.1 Bottle-splitting motor control system

The bottle-separating motor is driven by the bottle-separating motor to drive two sets of claws that block bottles respectively. On the packaging machine, the transfer of bottles on the packaging section is carried out by the main drive motor. Bottle splitting is to divide regularly and tightly arranged bottles into 3×4 groups or combined bottle groups of other specifications. Two sets of equidistant bottle-blocking claws are installed on the transmission chain of the two-group bottle machine motor, and the two motors run alternately in speed and slowness. The arranged bottles are divided into groups of 3×4, and then transferred to the next station by the main motor.

Bottle divider motor control. The two bottle-separating motors run alternately on a regular basis. The number of pulses of the main motor is used as the synchronous control signal (X direction), and the number of pulses (Y direction) of the motor that divides the bottle runs according to the motion trajectory set in advance. Only when the main motor is moving, the bottle is divided. The motor runs synchronously on a specific trajectory as a slave motor. The setting of the synchronizing parameters of the bottle-separating motor determines that the bottle-separating motor runs according to a specific law, and the starting position of the operation must have a reference position, which can be set on the man-machine interface here.

3.2 Carton board supply system

The carton board supply system mainly includes two parts: vertical supply of carton board and horizontal supply of carton board.

Carton board vertical supply section. The vertical feeding of the carton board is driven by the vertical feeding motor, one motor drives a main fork, and the other motor drives the auxiliary fork. The supply of vertical carton board is mainly driven by the motor to drive the main fork to supply the carton board. When the supply quantity of carton board is reduced to a certain amount, the remaining carton board is supported by the auxiliary fork, and then the main fork is lowered to the position of waiting for the carton board, when the carton board is lifted up and in place. The withdrawal of the secondary fork is fed normally through the main fork until the replenishment of a set of carton boards is completed.

Carton board horizontal feeding device. Through the horizontally supplied drive motor, the conveying motor is controlled by continuously detecting the real-time status on the conveying chain of the container board. The box board is transported from the initial stacking position to the waiting station position of the box board. When the auxiliary fork holds the carton board upward, the main fork moves down to the initial position, and then the motor is controlled to send the carton board in the waiting station to the vertical position to complete the process of horizontally supplying the carton board.

3.3 The composition and control system of the carton board system

The carton board system is composed. The carton board system mainly includes three parts: synchronous toothed belt, drive shaft and passive shaft. There are two sets of air suction cups installed on the synchronous toothed belt. When the servo motor and the main driven motor run synchronously back and forth, the function of high-speed automatic carton board removal is achieved.

The core of the carton board control system is to control the servo motor. The synchronous toothed belt driven by the servo motor has two sets of suction cups installed on the synchronous toothed belt for taking out the cardboard. The forward rotation of the servo motor, when the first group of suction cups reaches the position where the cardboard is placed, the carton board is released downward, and at the same time, the second group of suction cups also start to move, after reaching the position of the suction box board, the carton board is sucked, and the carton is completed. one cycle of the board. The reversal of the servo motor, when the second group of suction cups reaches the position where the cardboard is placed, release the carton board downward, and at the same time when the first group of suction cups reach the position of the suction box board, the carton board is sucked up, completing one activity cycle of taking the carton board .

3.4 Glue spray control

Glue spray control is also a major difficulty of the machine. When it is detected that there is a cardboard reaching the position of the glue spray machine within the range of 0 to 360 degrees, it is judged that the main shaft rotates to a certain angle within the range of 0 to 360 degrees and then turns on the glue spray solenoid valve. Start spraying glue, and close the glue spraying solenoid valve when it reaches another angle. Moreover, due to the hysteresis of the action of the glue spraying solenoid valve, different front collapse compensation amounts should be set under different production machine speeds.

in conclusion

Using the servo motion control system on the high-speed carton packaging machine makes the control system more precise, more flexible, more perfect, more reliable and stable. The new generation of motion controller adds a lot of practical functions, reduces the programming difficulty of users, and can truly reflect its advantages in some machines with high control requirements. The use of servo motors can not only effectively reduce the impact damage to the equipment, but also greatly reduce the equipment failure rate caused by the use of traditional control methods.

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