At present, Siemens provides two kinds of serial programming cables, which are collectively called PC / PPI cable: RS-232 / PPI cable and USB / PPI cable. We strongly recommend to use the above two original cables produced by Siemens, which have the following advantages:

Safety: the two communication ports of Siemens original PC / PPI cable are electrically isolated. This means that the common mode interference between the programming computer and the communication port of PLC will not cause the hardware damage of the communication port of both sides, or the communication is intermittent. In the case that the cable must be pulled and inserted with electricity, the original cable provides reliable protection

Stability: the original cable is specially designed and optimized for Siemens communication protocol, with excellent stability and anti-interference ability

High speed: the original cable can work at 187.5k communication rate, give full play to the potential of PLC and HMI communication port, and will not restrict the communication speed of the whole network

Complete: the original intelligent multi master cable can fully support Siemens PPI network protocol, such as multi master communication function, and cooperate with Siemens software and hardware to avoid the problem of communication failure in programming and monitoring in some cases

S7-200 CPU has its special low-cost programming cable, collectively known as PC / PPI cable, which is used to connect PC and RS-485 communication port on CPU. It can be used for programming and debugging of CPU by STEP7 micro / win, or for monitoring communication with upper computer, or for free port communication with other devices with RS-232 port. All the programming cables provided by Siemens for S7-200 are 5m in length.

At present, Siemens provides two kinds of PC / PPI programming cables, which are:

RS-232 / PPI cable (Order No. 6es7901-3cb30-0xa0): Intelligent Multi master cable, connecting s7-200cpu / EM277 communication port and computer RS-232 serial port as programming or data communication cable; At the same time, it can also be used to connect tp170micro and RS-232 serial port of computer with WinCC flexible (micro) as configuration picture download cable

USB / PPI cable (Order No. 6es7901-3db30-0xa0): Intelligent Multi master cable, used to connect the USB communication port of computer and s7-200cpu / EM277 communication port for programming or data communication cable

Multi master RS-232 / PPI cable (6es7901-3cb30-0xa0) is shown in the following figure. Because this cable can manage PPI network token, it supports multi master PPI network.

The multi master USB / PPI cable (6es7901-3db30-0xa0) is shown in the following figure. This kind of cable can only work in STEP7 micro / win32v3.2sp4 or above, and the baud rate is adaptive (up to 187.5k). It has only one working mode, PPI mode, and no switch setting. This cable does not support free port communication.

Using RS232 / PPI cable:

Step 1: open the communications interface

In the left navigation bar of micro / win main interface, click the communication icon with the mouse; Or open the communication setting interface in the command tree and view menu

Step 2: set PC / PPI cable properties

Double click the f. icon in Figure 1 to open the interface of setpg / pcinterface and check the communication device. If the model does not match, please select again. Click “properties.” with the mouse Button to open the property setting interface of PC / PPI cable

Step 3: check the local computer communication port settings

In the local connection tab:

Step 4: double click the g. icon in Figure 1 to start looking for the S7-200 station connected to the computer

After the S7-200 station is found, the address of the found station and the parameters of the found S7-200 station are displayed. Double click the mouse to open the “plcinformation” interface and press the “OK” key to save the communication settings

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