With the continuous development of science and technology, a variety of testing equipment has appeared in the consumer market, many of which have an important function, that is, infrared detection.

Infrared detection has the advantages of wide detection area, fast detection speed and non-contact. It transmits the infrared signal through the main control input signal to the infrared transmitter, and then inputs it to the next level after processing. In this process, a digital-to-analog converter will be used for signal processing. Here, the SC3534 (compatible with ADI's AD7533) digital-to-analog converter is mentioned to output the voltage signal. Its application block diagram and module diagram are as follows:

Xinchi SC3534 infrared detection application block diagram

Schematic diagram of Xinchi SC3534 chip module

Corecan's SC3534 has the following features:

(1) Multi-channel output: full four-quadrant multiplying converter, no latch-up (no need for Schottky diode protection);

(2) Wide voltage range: Powered by 5V to 15V power supply, and provide appropriate binary offset for positive or negative reference input;

(3) Low power consumption: low working power consumption, working temperature range -45℃-125℃;

(4) Compatible with a variety of serial ports: Compatible with TTL and CMOS interfaces, easy to design;

(5) Support power-down mode: With power-down mode, power consumption can be optimized during operation.

(6) SC3534 can be used in numerical control attenuators, programmable gain amplifiers, function generators, linear automatic gain control and other occasions, and is fully compatible with AD7533.

To sum up, for the terminal that needs to use 10-bit multiplying DAC digital-to-analog converter in the design of infrared detection equipment, Xinchi SC3534 is an ideal design and choice.

Reviewing Editor: Tang Zihong

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