In the medical field, the traditional hospital for information collection and recording is often taken by hand, which is easy to cause errors and confusion of information records, leading to the hospital’s property losses and medical accidents. In view of the above disadvantages, more and more hospitals begin to consider the implementation of hospital information development, using RFID technology to maximize the shortcomings and inherent shortcomings of the hospital, strengthen the management of patients, medical staff and hospital materials, and improve the comprehensive medical service level of the hospital. Today, I’d like to explain some application scenarios of RFID technology in material management in the medical field, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the significance of RFID technology for the medical industry.

1、 Application of warehouse management in hospital

When the medical staff store the hospital materials, they collect the basic information such as the name, specification, manufacturer, batch number, production date and effective date of the materials, and then paste the RFID tags written in the material information, and then manage them by classification, and finally store them in the warehouse. When materials need to be used or checked, medical staff can use PDA to read the RFID tags of materials, which can effectively check the quantity of materials, material use records, whether there is expiration, and improve the efficiency of material management. Through the use of RFID technology, the management of hospital materials becomes easier, the use and procurement process of hospital materials has been further improved, the use of expired materials has been prevented, and the medical accidents caused by human negligence have been effectively curbed.

2、 Application of hospital equipment management

In the management of medical equipment in traditional hospitals, it is often recorded manually, which leads to the problem of equipment loss from time to time, and the protection and access of hospital equipment information is also very troublesome. Through the use of RFID technology, RFID tags with detailed information are pasted on the medical equipment, and the RFID tags of the equipment are read through the handheld terminal PDA, the medical staff can understand the specific information of the equipment, the corresponding records of each use, maintenance, repair and inspection, effectively prevent the damage and loss caused by uncertain factors, and strengthen the management of hospital equipment. In each inspection and maintenance of equipment, the corresponding information can also be written in to avoid the omission of equipment management. At the same time, after the occurrence of medical liability accidents related to equipment, it can better trace the source and find the root of the problem.

3、 Application of hospital intelligent call

By using RFID technology, we can optimize the speed and transmission mode of the hospital intelligent call system, which is no longer limited to the traditional method of voice transmission, but also can use different audio, video and text for display. In this way, in the face of emergency patients in the hospital, it can make the relevant departments actively cooperate, quickly prepare and improve the medical materials and medical equipment, at the same time, it can reduce the errors caused by information errors in the preparation process, and ensure that the final treatment effect is greatly improved. In the process of using RFID technology, the content of the intelligent call system can be updated in time to make adjustments according to the hospital’s own environment, so as to achieve better work effect and improve the past problems.

In recent years, the development of the medical industry, the hospital material management is more and more attention, in many aspects, to the overall development of the hospital, social stability, regional harmony have had a profound impact. I hope that the related knowledge explained for you today can make you have a further understanding of the application of RFID technology in material management in the medical field.

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