This paper briefly introduces the application of yt-pb-06k series PROFIBUS optical transceiver independently developed and produced by mobile Chuanglian, Siemens S7-300 and host computer monitoring software WinCC in calcium carbonate grinding production line of paper mill.

In the calcium carbonate grinding production line, we use Siemens S7-300 and industrial computer to form an automatic control system, equipped with advanced Siemens WinCC upper computer monitoring software to realize all functions of the monitoring and control system, which can fully meet the requirements of the automatic control system of the whole plant.

Network structure:


The system uses yt-pb-06k bus data optical transceiver for PROFIBUS optical fiber transmission, which solves the problems of field electromagnetic interference, ground ring interference and lightning damage, improves the reliability, security and confidentiality of control signal, and solves the problem of short transmission distance. The cost of optical fiber communication hardware is greatly reduced, and a series of new problems such as high price and long delivery time of imported products in traditional solutions are solved for users. Yt-pb-06k series bus data optical transceiver independently developed by mobile Chuanglian has the advantages of stable performance, convenience and ease of use, which is worthy of popularization and application in the field of optical fiber communication of automatic control system.

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