OSLON Piccolo’s infrared sensor for cars is designed to sense the gestures of passengers, so as to realize the contactless control of on-board display.

“The interaction between the car and the driver is fundamentally changing, as the number of displays grows and the number of manual controls decreases, customizable lighting solutions create a comfortable atmosphere,” the company said. Driver assistance systems and technologies previously designed for mobile devices, such as facial recognition, eye tracking or gesture control, are increasingly entering the automotive field. “

SFH 4170s A01 (850nm) and SFH 4180s A01 (940nm) are packaged in 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.81mm package, with power consumption of 1.15w and switching time of 10ns under 1A current, and meet the automotive standard of aec-q102.

Nowadays, the traditional and classic instrument panel is being replaced by the configurable customized display screen, with more and more functions. For example, when navigating to a destination, the vehicle displays a map with the corresponding route. Only when the driver moves his hand towards the display screen, the menu will be displayed at the bottom of the map. Otherwise, the map will be displayed in full screen.

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