1、 Overview:

With the rapid development of social economy and the construction of new socialist countryside, rural safety work has become an important task for governments at all levels and public security departments at present and in the future. At present, we are faced with a grim reality: with the rapid development of rural economy, especially the secondary and tertiary industries and urbanization, rural urbanization and personnel mobility increase, and the social security situation becomes more complex. Therefore, as the basic unit of society, family prevention is particularly important.

Some experts went to the countryside to investigate and found that there are many theft cases in rural areas with farmers as the target. These theft cases give people a warning: rural areas need “high-tech anti-theft net” woven by technical defense equipment

The characteristics of theft in rural areas are as follows: individuals commit crimes alone or in partnership with others, take the means of sliding doors, drilling windows, climbing walls, climbing buildings, etc., steal shops and supermarkets in market towns at night, and steal cash, jewelry and other valuables of rural households around during the day.

First, when the head of household goes out to work or goes out for business, most of the farmers are “empty nests”, so the thieves take advantage of the situation; Second, most of the old people, women and children left behind are helpless, which can not be a deterrent to these bold thieves. Once upon a time, an old woman ran into a burglar when she came home, but she didn’t call for help. The burglar went away without fear.

The occurrence of the above-mentioned cases not only reflects the new characteristics of the current rural theft cases, but also puts forward new requirements for the public security work.

Without a sense of security, there will be no sense of happiness. If the safety of rural communities can not be guaranteed, the new rural construction is impossible. With the advancement of new rural information construction, it is urgent to use advanced anti-theft equipment to protect the safety of rural communities.

Application of lhb3000 bus alarm system in rural community

Structure diagram of rural community anti theft system

2、 System introduction

Based on a comprehensive understanding of rural communities, it is found that:

1. Users are very concentrated, and the distance between farmers is very close;

2. Each user needs to install fewer intrusion detectors, and need to deploy and remove independently;

3. When there is an intrusion, it not only needs the on-site alarm to beep, but also needs to be sent to the alarm control center for centralized management, storage and processing of the alarm information;

4. The farthest user is about 500 meters away from the alarm control center;

5. The people who stay at home in rural areas are not well educated and can’t adapt to the complex operation of the general alarm system, even they can’t remember the deployment and removal password.

This system can use lhb3000 bus alarm system of horn company, including central alarm software, communication equipment, home alarm controller and front-end detector. Through years of development, haoen company can provide a full set of anti-theft alarm products that have passed the long-term test of the market, with good performance in reliability and stability.

The alarm system consists of four parts

Detector, door magnet and other front-end detection equipment.

Home alarm controller, alarm signal (B502, etc.).

Communication equipment (B201, B301), each equipment can expand the bus distance of 1200 meters.

Call center software (B101)

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