Cardiac pacemaker is a kind of electronic therapeutic instrument implanted in the body. It generates electric pulse with energy provided by battery through pulse generator. Through the conduction of lead electrode, it stimulates the myocardium contacted by the electrode to excite and contract the heart, so as to achieve the purpose of treating cardiac dysfunction caused by some arrhythmias.

Pacemaker is mainly composed of power supply (i.e. battery, now mainly lithium iodine battery) and electronic circuit, which can generate and output electric pulse.

Application of iTech products in medical pacemaker testing

IDEX can provide professional testing solutions for medical electronic devices. For the testing of battery packs in medical pacemakers, our company has a variety of high-performance products to choose from, such as DC power supply, DC electronic load, battery internal resistance tester, battery testing system, etc.

Battery specifications and test requirements:

Application of iTech products in medical pacemaker testing

1、 Battery capacity test

Battery capacity is usually measured in amperes per hour. The calculated battery capacity is also different under different discharge rate. Usually, high current discharge will shorten the battery life, so the battery capacity is usually discharged at a small rate (such as 0.2C). At the same time, deep discharge will damage the battery. The calculation of battery capacity is relative to a cut-off voltage. The discharge capacity from the starting voltage to the safe cut-off voltage is the effective capacity of the battery.

Application of iTech products in medical pacemaker testing

2、 Battery life test

With the increase of charging and discharging times, the internal resistance caused by internal oxidation will increase, which will make the battery unable to release the stored power, and the battery life will gradually end. The cycle life of the battery is affected by discharge rate, temperature and cut-off voltage. Generally, lithium batteries can be charged and discharged for 300 ~ 500 times. According to IEC, the standard cycle life of lithium batteries is that the capacity should be more than 60% of the initial capacity after 500 times of repeated cycles. Therefore, it is an important way to evaluate the life cycle of all kinds of batteries by cyclic charge discharge test.

Application of iTech products in medical pacemaker testing

3、 Battery internal resistance test

The internal resistance of the battery is related to the discharge capacity of the battery. The larger the internal resistance is, the smaller the charge discharge rate of the battery is, which is very easy to cause the battery heating. ITech provides the measurement function of battery AC internal resistance and DC internal resistance. The AC internal resistance is equipped with a special AC internal resistance tester to apply 1kHz excitation signal to both ends of the battery to measure the static internal resistance of the battery. But in the actual use of the battery, it also includes the polarization resistance, the impedance of the connection point, etc. the DC impedance test can more directly reflect the resistance value of the battery in continuous application.

4、 Rich step editing and stop conditions

Users can choose different charging and discharging modes. Its5300 test system software supports CC / CW / Cr and other discharging modes, and can simulate constant voltage and constant current charging modes.

Application of iTech products in medical pacemaker testing

Rich stop conditions can effectively help users improve the safety of the test and avoid overcharge and overdischarge of the battery. The logic relationship of “and” or “can be realized between time, capacity, voltage and other stop conditions to meet more complex test requirements.

Application of iTech products in medical pacemaker testing

Idex its5300 battery charge and discharge test system provides users with test solutions from Ma level single cell to MW level battery pack. To meet the needs of mass production line testing, its5300 can test the performance of hundreds of independent battery modules / cells at the same time, which improves the testing efficiency and output of the production line. At the same time, it provides rich test steps and statistical analysis functions, and the channels can run synchronously / independently without mutual influence.

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