At present, in the application field of gyroscope, the gyroscope can be divided into commercial gyroscope, tactical gyroscope, navigation gyroscope and strategic gyroscope. At present, most commercial gyroscopes use MEMS gyroscopes, because the sensors made by MEMS technology have the advantages of price and volume; The tactical gyroscope uses optical fiber technology; Laser technology is mostly used in navigation gyroscope and strategic gyroscope.

Application and development of commercial MEMS gyroscope

Because of this, at present, MEMS gyroscope is the fastest growing market and technology application and development. Benefiting from the adoption of MEMS gyroscope by iPhone and other smart phones, its market scale has achieved huge growth. With the further development of MEMS market, capital is more favored by MEMS sensor companies.

In terms of applications, MEMS gyroscopes can be divided into consumer gyroscopes, automotive gyroscopes, industrial gyroscopes and military gyroscopes.

In the industry, foreign manufacturers of consumer and automotive grade gyroscopes include Bosch, STMicroelectronics, yingmeisheng, etc. Foreign manufacturers of industrial grade gyroscopes include adenault semiconductor, Murata Manufacturing Institute of Japan, Ying Meisheng, etc.

Review of industrial and automotive MEMS Gyroscopes

At present, the domestic applications of industrial and automotive MEMS gyroscopes and multi axis fusion inertial measurement module mainly include the following aspects:

In the field of intelligent industry and intelligent logistics, gyroscopes are mainly used in attitude reference system and UAV inertial navigation, including attitude reference system, aerial stabilization system and UAV express; In the field of precision agriculture, gyroscope is often used in positioning and navigation applications, including automatic harvester and automatic pesticide sprayer; In the field of smart home, the application of gyroscope mainly includes intelligent sweeping machine and service robot; In the field of Internet of vehicles, gyroscope is often used in intelligent management system of vehicles and freight transportation. For example, it can monitor the position and track of vehicles, and it can also manage the attitude of vehicles and ask for help; In the field of intelligent medical treatment, the common applications of gyroscope include gesture recognition system for deaf mute and bionic prosthesis.

Industry insiders predict that in the future, a series of MEMS sensors represented by MEMS gyroscopes will be combined with the cloud to serve the era of big data. Sensor carriers collect data, put the data into the cloud database for demand analysis, and provide a variety of personalized services.

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