What are the industrial applications of FPGA?

FPGA is called field programmable gate array. In industrial applications, FPGA can replace the old ASIC technology. It has the characteristics of real-time characteristics, easy implementation of digital encoder, low cost and low power consumption.

FPGA is widely used in industrial display drive and motor control. The flexibility provided by FPGA increases the Ethernet connection ability, realizes multiple motor control, supports a variety of protocols through its embedded processor cost, and finally realizes high-performance graphics processing.

In addition, in terms of industrial network communication, FPGA has high requirements for the computing performance of end-to-end smart factory. In the industrial automation ot network based on the same industrial Ethernet transmission protocol, FPGA solves some limitations of the traditional OPC specification, accelerates the system characteristics and improves the system performance.

FPGA can also be seen everywhere in the fields of industrial robot, machine vision, man-machine interface control, edge computing and industrial cloud. The traditional value of FPGA to the industrial market is unpredictable.

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