Xi’an Heqi Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights incubated by Xi’an Institute of Optics and mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company specializes in the R & D, production and sales of high-end products such as optical fiber temperature control system, and provides extension services for related products and technology applications. The headquarters and R & D center of the company are located in Xi’an high tech Zone, and have offices in Vancouver, Beijing, Nanjing, Qingdao and other places in Canada. The fluorescent optical fiber sensing measurement system developed by the company has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation, long service life and convenient operation. It is suitable for power system, rail transit, iron and steel metallurgy, industrial microwave, biomedicine, coal mining, petrochemical industry, food safety, scientific research and other fields. The company has formed a series of products, such as transformer winding fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system, switch cabinet and ring network cabinet fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system, dry-type transformer and oil immersed transformer fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system, microwave medical fluorescent optical fiber temperature measurement system and underground optical fiber sensing measurement system for oil exploitation.

Optsensor is the world’s most famous brand of fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system for transformer winding. The series of optical fiber temperature control systems have been widely used in 26 provinces and cities in China, Europe, Africa and other countries.

Power grid industry solutions

Industry background

Transformer, switch cabinet, large motor and other high-voltage electrical equipment are the key equipment of power generation and transmission and transformation system. Their safety, reliability and service life are crucial to the safe and reliable operation and life of the whole transmission and transformation system. Most of these high-voltage equipment adopt closed structure and work in the environment of high voltage, large current and strong magnetic field for a long time. Some connections and other parts generate heat due to aging or excessive contact resistance, resulting in heat accumulation. The heating temperature rise increases the loss of the transmission system. If the heat dissipation is poor, it will endanger the normal operation of the equipment, and even cause faults. The adverse social impact and economic losses are immeasurable.

Taking the transformer as an example, the accident rate of the distribution transformer in operation is about 13%, in which the insulation aging is caused by the over temperature operation of the winding, and the transformer winding burnout and breakdown accidents account for a considerable proportion. In addition, many physical and chemical changes in the power transformer (such as partial discharge and partial overheating) will cause the temperature parameters of the transformer to change, resulting in a temperature rise trajectory different from the normal operation of the transformer. According to the “6 ° rule”, the relationship between the aging rate and temperature of the transformer is that on the basis of the reference temperature, the service life of the transformer will be reduced by half when the aging rate increases by 1 time when the temperature rises by 6 ℃, and the service life of the transformer will be extended by 1 time when the temperature drops by 6 ℃. For transformer, the winding temperature plays a decisive role in the aging of insulation materials, so it is particularly important to accurately measure the winding temperature of transformer.

With the continuous improvement of safe power use and automation level of distribution network, in addition to the monitoring of electrical parameters, direct monitoring of hot spot temperature of high-voltage electrical equipment such as transformer / switch cabinet / transformer / large motor is important for improving the safe operation of equipment, prolonging the insulation life of equipment, judging the actual load capacity of equipment in real time, maximizing the power transmission and transformation potential of transformer and improving the economic benefits of equipment, It is of great significance.

Application of fluorescent optical fiber temperature sensor in Smart Grid:

1. power transformer winding temperature monitoring;

2. high voltage switchgear: it can measure the temperature at the joint of the plum blossom contact and the static contact in the switchgear, and even bury it in the conductive connection in the insulating cylinder;

3. temperature measurement of arc extinguishing chamber of high voltage circuit breaker;

4. temperature monitoring of stator, bearing bush and end collector ring of large motor;

5. direct monitoring of hot spot temperature of high-voltage equipment such as large motor / transformer winding;

7. online real-time temperature monitoring of other electrical equipment.

Fluorescent optical fiber sensing measurement system

As one of the future development directions of optical fiber temperature sensor, fluorescent optical fiber temperature sensor for smart grid also has the following advantages:

1. immunity to electromagnetic, radio frequency and microwave;

2. no metal parts, no magnetization;

3. high measurement accuracy and good stability;

4. good reliability and repeatability;

5. the structure is firm and the service life is long;

6. no calibration required.

As the optical fiber temperature sensor has incomparable advantages compared with the traditional temperature sensor, with the increasingly mature technology of optical fiber temperature sensor and the establishment of technical regulations and relevant standards, the fluorescent optical fiber temperature sensor will gradually replace the traditional temperature sensor and become one of the most important means of power grid temperature monitoring.

Fluorescent optical fiber temperature sensor is one of the key equipment in the smart grid in the future. Vigorously developing the smart grid industry based on various smart sensors is an extension and expansion of China’s development of green new energy industry. It is a practical need to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of power equipment manufacturing industry, adapt to future competition and achieve sustainable development in combination with China’s industrial foundation. It is also an important measure to seize the high-end market and technological commanding heights of the smart grid industry The inevitable choice to strive for greater development space is an effective way and carrier to accelerate the integration of industrialization and informatization. It has very important practical and long-term strategic significance for stimulating economic development, optimizing industrial structure and transforming development mode.

System features

Ø ensure the primary and secondary ideal isolation of power, good linearity and high precision;

Multi channel transmission: the information collected by the system can be uploaded and dispatched through FTU, GPRS or communication management unit in the box transformer, and the transmission mode can be flexibly selected according to the site environment

Ø do not reduce the safety level of electrical equipment: the temperature measuring fluorescent optical fiber fire detector is small in size, 2.8mm in diameter, without any metal materials and electronic components, with good insulation and 20cm resistance to 100000 volts.

Year round, all-weather security guard: at least 25 years, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, real-time monitoring and analysis.

Ø the monitoring blind area is reduced and the equipment safety is improved: the positioning accuracy is 1mm.

Ø cost saving: it is directly installed at the temperature rise position, and the data of monitoring points are recorded and displayed in real time to achieve the goal of unattended monitoring station.

Ø established the maintenance basis: comprehensively master the equipment operation conditions, predict and predict the equipment aging, and propose the maintenance time and plan according to the equipment operation conditions.

Intelligent judgment: it can quickly judge and analyze the normal temperature, abnormal temperature and fire of the tested object.

Main performance indicators

System composition:

1. Hq-35 fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system for dry-type transformer

Dry type transformer has been widely used because of its high insulation strength, superior environmental performance and low operating noise. The operation reliability of resin cast dry-type transformer largely depends on its insulation performance, which is closely related to the internal heat generation and heat dissipation of dry-type transformer. Overheating of transformer winding will not only cause green accelerated aging, but also cause insulation breakdown, which is easy to cause fire, explosion and other malignant accidents.

H0-35 series dry-type transformer fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system can fix the temperature measuring optical fiber into the reserved holes for winding coil and iron core pouring, and can monitor the real temperature of winding and iron core in real time to reduce the error impact caused by indirect temperature measurement.

2. Hq-12 switch cabinet fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system

3. Hq-e116/s116 transformer winding optical fiber temperature control system

4. Hq-39 ring main cabinet cable joint fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system

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