As an offline super large scale exhibition after the epidemic, 2020 ChinaJoy (the 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment exhibition) adopted the paperless admission mode of real name system and face recognition for the first time, which created a new record of real name admission scale in China. The convenient operation of online real name ticket purchase and offline body brush * card comparison for face verification has pushed face recognition technology to the forefront of information technology application again.

01. Application of face recognition technology in exhibition field

Face recognition is a computer technology based on human face features to collect face information, locate face, preprocess face recognition and identify (search) the input face image or video stream. Compared with other biometric recognition technologies, it has the advantages of non-contact, non compulsion and concurrency. At present, it has extended to face recognition entrance guard, face recognition thermometer and face recognition It is widely used in government, banking, security and defense, exhibition activities and other fields.

North China industrial control learned that many mainstream exhibitions have started to use face recognition technology to recognize their identities, such as the Canton Fair, the high tech fair, and the just past 2019 global artificial intelligence technology conference. Taking this CJ exhibition as an example, users only need to scan their valid certificates on the electronic equipment, and then complete the face information collection and verification through the face recognition gate, which not only ensures the identity of the participants to be traceable, but also effectively relieves the problems such as crowd congestion in unit time, and refreshes the user experience of viewing the exhibition.

Many signs show that face is becoming the pass of modern Chinese society, and in this process, embedded computer is its essential hardware. North China industrial control’s embedded computer applied to face recognition system, whether in image / video data processing or industrial level reliability, has been in line with the technical requirements of professional customers in most industries.

02. North China industrial control face recognition computer product scheme

Application of face recognition technology in exhibition field

North China industrial control is the leader of industry-specific computers. Based on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, NCPC has created a complete embedded computer product solution, including computer board, industrial complete machine, industrial tablet computer and ultra high definition network camera, which can be used in face recognition system equipment.

North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. can provide diversified computer board solutions (including three inch board, four inch board, five inch board, mitx motherboard, ATX motherboard, etc.) needed by face recognition system equipment :

1. Based on the actual application needs of users, the products can carry Intel, NXP, Hisilicon, Ruixin micro and other smart chips on different platforms;

2. On board memory, supporting fast storage and application algorithm;

3. Rich IO function interface design, supporting VGA + LVDS + HDMI multiple displays, integrating network card and sound card, integrating audio / video / image ultra high definition encoding and decoding engine, and supporting 2G / 3G / 4G / WiFi functions;

4. It has industrial grade reliability, low power consumption, high expansion and other all-round application characteristics. It is equipped with Android open-source system, stable and easy to maintain.

North China industrial control can provide customized industrial machines for face recognition system equipment (including 4U industrial original machine, modular industrial machine, general industrial machine, etc.):

1. The product meets the eiars-310c standard and has high-speed data processing capability. In the face of a large amount of data information, the system can still run stably;

2. It adopts industrial grade component configuration, positive pressure double ball fan design, special drive frame shock proof design, better heat dissipation effect and excellent quality, which can meet the high load work of face recognition system unattended for 7 * 24 hours;

3. Rich functional interface design, supporting PCIe network card, graphics card, acceleration card, acquisition card, etc., which can meet the access requirements of various peripherals;

4. With watchdog function, equipped with stable and easy to maintain windows and other systems, the product has strong expansibility and high reliability.

The application of face recognition technology can provide convenient and self-service services for exhibition personnel, and also bring greater development space for the future offline performance market. North China industrial control is market-oriented and will launch more high-quality embedded computer product solutions in order to catch up with the fast changing “intelligent life”.

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