With the gradual improvement of people’s scientific and technological level, the local government has been paying attention to the construction of campus security. In addition to the traditional physical defense, the construction of campus security has also become the focus of prevention in recent two years. And the most important video monitoring system and access control system and related attendance system. Artificial intelligence technology will ensure the safety of campus. How can face recognition technology be applied to campus management?

The campus is a place where the flow of personnel is relatively large, mainly students and teachers. At present, most schools use video monitoring system. However, in general, the traditional video monitoring system is mainly realized by video recording and personnel monitoring equipment. However, there are many places that need to be monitored. Administrators can not take into account each monitoring point and can not guarantee that all information can be monitored every day. Generally speaking, only after the accident happens can we know the details through a lot of time or manpower to play back the video. In case of a time problem, it will cause a certain loss. If the application of artificial intelligence technology can solve these problems.

In recent years, in the development of artificial intelligence technology, especially the maturity and application of artificial intelligence technology. Some security companies combine AI technology with traditional monitoring. However, it makes up for some disadvantages of the traditional security field, and does not need personnel to monitor and deal with it. This technology is through positioning, transmission, identification, tracking function. So reduce the current safety work content, and can deal with the problem in time, reduce some unnecessary losses.

The application of artificial intelligence analysis technology in campus surveillance video can reduce the heavy burden of daily inspection and elimination, so as to reduce the cumbersome monitoring process. On the other hand, artificial intelligence analysis technology can quickly screen out the required information, which can help people quickly find the key points of a large number of surveillance videos.

At present, face recognition technology plays several roles in campus security

As long as the image data of students and teachers are stored in the database, the face recognition system can easily identify school personnel and outsiders. However, the image recognition system can also be used to connect with the public security data to determine whether the criminals are criminals.

In addition, there are many people gathered and large flow of monitoring and alarm system. The population density of the school itself is very large, and the traffic situation often occurs in a period of time, such as the class time and the rush hour of assembly. In some boarding schools, there are more people and traffic at the gate during the big week, and there are many security risks. Then, in densely populated areas, once the number of people using face recognition technology exceeds the carrying capacity, an early warning will be given, and relevant personnel will sort out the process, which will help to prevent it from happening.

Usually, face recognition system collects face image by camera, checks, locates and processes it by related recognition technology.

Recognition technology mainly includes face recognition technology, which extracts the features of face image. For example: eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and other organs to detect the position, size, shape, and then extract and model some features of the face; face image matching and recognition, the facial features to be recognized are compared with the facial feature template obtained, and the facial identity information is judged according to the degree of similarity.

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